The truth and lies

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    What I've said has been true at one point.
    I'm sorry. What I do is relive the past. I tell out my past as if it's actually happening again.. and this is how I test people. I see if they are good or not.

    There have been incidents where the actualy live truth has been real. Like with Lela. The cuts.. they were real. They are real.. If you want I'll get you pictures of my disgusting cuts...

    And I don't need attention.. Sorry for having it once and awhile when I usually get zip of it here at home in the shotty envoronment....

    If I don't post again...
    You know why...

    So... Call me a liar.
    I blame it all on him.
    The trust I have is gone.
    And I was gunna tell you Krista...
    Because I really did care for you
    and love you... But you ripped me
    apart cause you just stopped talking
    to me... so idk

    And Lela?
    Yeah..... I didn't take advantage of her.
    I told her the truth. It was supposed to be
    a begining... Well I guess it's an ending.

    Wayne.. Yeah
    I don't need attention.
    But you all can have opinions


    PS:no one post replies.
    cause i didn't do this for attention..

    i just needed to "Let it all out..."
  2. Petal

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    Rachel :(

    Sorry,but had to reply.

    Please don't leave. Whatever your reason for leaving is ,it isnt worth it.
    There's lots of people here that care about you(I know you hear that all the time) but its the truth. Please stay :) :flowers:
  3. innocencexisxlove

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    Thanks Lynn..
    But I'm not looking for attention.
    Right now, I'd be just leaving from SF.

    As for, leaving, forever, I'm not sure.

    thank you though :hug: