The Truth Hurts

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    The truth hurts so much, huh? I'll try & refrain from swearing in this thread. They're deleting all my posts, welll a couple any way because THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! So sad, so very sad for them. Oooooohhhh who runs this place? Little kids? Probably.......
    So sorry for my dementia....I can't seem to refrain myself from letting it loose. But they're acting like I'm killing people off one-by-one here. I never knew I had that power! And if I do have it I never meant to use it.

    Did you ever think about PM-ing me before the fact? You deleted my post then waited...........FOR WHAT? For me to do similar things so you'd have an excuse to ban me? PMing something nice like: please don't do that would've stopped me from posting the one you deleted seconds ago......they cut me off of my medication until I get a blood test & I'm a bit angry at the world right now-so sorry to throw things in your face.

    The truth hurts me don't even want to know how badly I'm hurting.....the sad fact that I'm still alive is amazing on it's own.
    If you'll forgive me-instead of sending angry PM's(I never read it, but it feels like I'm in trouble) to me-I'll apologize.............lately the people I live with are bashing your site to tiny pieces. Maybe that had everything to do with my posting.
  2. No the mods are out of line all the time, they think were stupid, they think there amazing at what they do yet, they do such a poor job at the little task they have. I got banned yesterday from chat with no warning make a thread about it gets locked? thank you very much. I am pretty sure the racist forum needs to be locked that would be way more logical. Thanks for the warning btw last night mod's, you guys really think I'm a complete dumb ass everyone does, I'm not stupid... You guys are out of line! Like banning someone teaches them a listen, you just give me more dislike for you as a person.
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    something you should always remember is that mods are their to keep the site safe, they don't get paid for doing it (at least I don't think they do, apologises if I'm wrong), they do it because they care.

    They also have feelings and are human, just like me and you...just like you and me, they have suicidal thoughts which is how they came to SF or lost someone to suicide, or where the founder of SF. There only human, all humans make mistakes. If a post was done attacking, having a go at another member they would be uproar as to why the post was deleted, locked etc so I personally don't see why its any diffierent for people to have a go at mods in a open forum.

    And hey, if u disagree with me, or want to shout at me feel free to PM cause no1 here can hurt me more then I can hurt myself.
  4. Yea sure they can keep the site safe from people like me? I must be a very, very bad person... I sure hope they don't get paid for doing a shit job. Right they have feelings? They care for what they think, not what others think, weh ave no opinion on anything, wait we do... we just got banned or shut up. no warning. Guess mods make mistakes often not giving people warnings before bann, I guess you can say there really human, or they don't have feelings as to what the other is going thought, yet you say they have feelings , and care, yet give no other person a warning, to stop? GREAT JOB MODS! you guys do a wonderful job=)
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    Speaking as a moderator, our job is to keep the members safe on here, and we do that by editing out methods, deleting posts and threads, and by moderating the chatroom.
    As lost_child has said, we are all people who've come to SF because we're/have been suicidal etc, ourselves.

    You may think that we only care for what we think, but think about it this way for a second: if we didn't care for what the members thought, then why do we have long discusions about aspects of SF (which we do), why do we have a Letters to Management section where you can all raise your points and complaints about SF, with which we can try and make it a better experience for all?

    As has been said, we're human, and humans do make mistakes. I've no idea whether the mod made a mistake last night in banning you from chat - I wasn't there, but what I do know is that we're here to keep everyone safe, and if they felt that banning you was the way to keep chat etc, safe and not triggered, then that was what has happened.
    You will be unbanned in the near future, I am sure, but what good will attacking us do, except make you feel a little better? Ask yourself that.

  6. I know what your jobs are I'm saying your not doing them well, or least one was not, but that ruins my opinion on all of them. I know you have letters to management, but everyone needs to see what you guys do, so they don't make mistakes like me, if you can even call it a mistake on my part when I get no warning for my wrong doings. It's not about making me feel better it's about you realizing, what you people do to other people. They banned me to keep them safe, when I was sticking up for someone else. I have righteous cause for what I do that mod was way out of place.
  7. Terry

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    If you feel that calling someone Hitler is a perfectly reasonable act then you obviously have no place in chat.
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    Mabe(and I'm sure) I went overboard. What what can you expect form A suicidal person who needs medication badly and is not recieveing it. I do believe the mods talk about me and what to do about me, the only reason I'm still here is that the vote is not unanimous..........yet. I don't mean to attack people like I did. But I did mean to attack SF itself. People get away with so much more than I did here, and I'm the one you made an exampe of?
    Oh God shoot me now, please....I also tried to encourage people to forget about SF and go do something else that makes then feel better. The mods hated that. I questioned the validity of their precious site. Don't they have other other things to do with life? It's kind that you want to help but you must know people kill themselves because of this forum sometimes.(Zen did) How did you ever come to the conclusion that what you are doing is helping or right? It's a nice thought, but nothing more than that. Nothing will come of this in the long run. Are you living in the now? Or living in denial?
    And now
    I'm going to gather some research.
  9. silent_enigma

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    Now I'm curious what "the truth" is.
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    Well i think the mods do a great job! of those i have seen. Gentlelady, abacus21 , terry , and resistence , have all did a great job, so has Hazel and Jenny and Robin... now i know i dont go into chat ( because i cant get into chat ) nor do i know what happened but im sure they did whatever they had to do because they saw it would put someone in danger or trigger someone.. please dont be hard on them?? They do a great job.. at least from what i have seen on here and i have been here about 3 months now ( i think its 3 months ?? ) but they have done a good job...
  11. WhyMeWhy

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    The Truth was immediately deleted by a mod. They were nothing but cold, hard, facts that would not be easy to deal with for most....they said that I was attacking members, while I feel I was simply questioning members(& staff) as to the ultimate question: Why? They obviously have no idea how to answer that question, & I can't repeat it word for word, or they will hate me even more(if that's even possible), and it will be deleted once again.
    SO SAD THAT THEY CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH.....I actually feel sorry for them. :eek:hmy:
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    uh-yes, noted in another post by me just now. Question a mod about THEIR posts or behavior and you are shit on a white rug. Time to clean house here.
    How are the mods deemed qualified? Are they reviewed for their performance or lack of? What's involved & how often? What's the criteria for being a mod/ What happens when they don't measure up? Why are all these questions & more kept deeply hidden secrets? Why isn't there a thread or even forum called "Rate The Moderators"?
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  13. O really thanks for the warning, haha you cant stop me from chat room ROFL you all think i'm dumb.. thanks for the warning terry? o wait I did not get one.... GG mods
  14. O so anyone that talks out needs to be exterminated? Wow if thats how the world worked I'm sure a lot of people would be dead. How are mods deemed qualified? Does someone have a degree in whether or not a mod should be qualified, umm no? Any person with emotional issues should not be given a authority as to bann other emotionally disturbed people. I would not even be mad if I got a warning first, I was sticking up for a friend. You guys replying to these post were not even there.
  15. rojomi

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    I was replying to MeWhyMe posts.:huh:
  16. I was replying to yours...
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    ...The mods do a great job, they're humans too, they have feelings. They came to the site for the same reason you all did. It's not easy being a mod, especially on a site such as this, so why not give them a break.

    And, WhyMeWhy, I saw the thread that got deleted, it was cruel, there was no truth in it.
  18. WhyMeWhy

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    Obviously the "TRUTH" varies from person to person due to the fact that some have closed minds, some have misunderstanding minds, and some have no mind of their own. There were valid points in the post but not everyone would be able to understand them, so misinterpretation would rule the forum.
    You'd most likely crucify me.....just because you don't understand me. At all. If you're going to say that you do this untruthful statement will be followed by bashing/insulting/cursing me as a person. And you say you're here to help?
    Once again, much worse has been done on SF and you single out me.......

    I'm not saying the entire post was true for everyone. Maybe I really was tryin to encourage people to make the best of their lives. Sitting at the pc on SF could hardly be the high-point of your existence. I even spoke of the main reason I made that post in the post itself, which noone bothered to read or even care about.
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  19. It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.

    _Adolf Hitler_