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The truth is a HARSH mistress!

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by DEADBOY, May 25, 2013.

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    DEADBOY Member

    Just got schooled, and not in a good way.
    But it was true.
    I'm incapable of much of anything.
    Nothing more than a space filler.
    Not worth a a damn, unable to fulfill
    There's no point anymore.
    There's not!
    When your best friend tells you how it really is
    "out of love" it fucking kills what little
    shred of human emotion or feeling that u may
    Just want it to end! And soon!
  2. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    sometime tough love doesn't help, especially when your depressed. It's not the end, you have a chance to change it. One step at a time, and ask for support, if they are unhappy on how you deal with things, ask them for support in doing something good for you...
  3. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    "Truth" is more opinion than fact in many cases. I would try not to put a lot of faith into such truths. There is a big difference in honestly how feel and truth and fact. You cannot control completely how you feel and neither can they - does not mean that either person is more right or has a better grip on things....
  4. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Just because your friend says it's the truth, doesn't necessarily mean it is.
  5. listless

    listless Banned Member

    Be careful about taking to heart anything a so-called best friend tells you is the truth. Just to give you an example, when I wasn't working my 'best friends' said some of the most hurtful things to me, they kicked me when I was down (not literally). From then on I knew there's really no such thing as a best friend, there are good friends but always keep your guard up.

    I will give credit to one of my friends who stated something rather obvious but I hadn't seen it from that point of view till he mentioned it. I used to live with my father when I was unemployed and I felt he was treating me very unjustly while I was there. I assumed my friend would sympathize with me and see me as the victim, but instead he said "well you are living under his roof, so what do you expect." It occurred to me no matter what happens, my dad would be seen as the good guy and me as bad, simply because it was his house. Anyways after that I became even more motivated to find a decent job and live on my own and I succeeded.

    So ya friends can offer a good perspective but know to distinguish between helpful criticism and an orgy of ridicule and hate against you. Weakness invites aggression as Reagan once said. And as others have pointed out, what is true is relative and usually one's opinion. Something I learned a lot time ago.
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