The Two Prophets

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  1. I: The Prophet of Loss

    The clock is ticking
    The end is near
    Armageddon is upon us
    And we will usher it in

    There are sins being committed
    Lives being destroyed
    The Divine is degraded
    The Holy is cursed

    From the Ashes of the dead
    We will rise to fight
    The peasants of Camelot
    The Princes of Sodom and Gomorra

    We will judge them all
    No souls will be saved
    No man is innocent
    We will damn them all

    Feel no pity for the fallen
    They have chosen their own faith
    I see their souls
    There are as black as the night sky

    They have chosen their path
    And we will guide the their
    On a River of their own blood
    We shall take them to the city of Dis

    Tears will be shed
    Flesh will be torn
    Only pain awaits the living
    Let the great work begin.

    II: The Prophet to the fallen

    All is lost
    Death can not even comfort us now
    The end is here
    And we have ushered it in

    The tide has changed
    Oceans will rise
    Cities will Burn
    Time is at an end

    We have lost our way
    No longer are we pure
    Our sins are too numerous
    Our burden is too great

    None of us are safe
    Salvation is out of reach
    We are all guilty
    We are all damned

    But as we shed our tears
    We have only ourselves to blame
    All our souls are corrupt
    And your failures are mine

    Yet while we are damned
    And all is lost for us
    We leave this world for a worse
    The city will burn and the ruins won’t remain

    We destroyed what we were given
    We will never see the light again
    Only pain awaits us now
    But still, let the great work begin again
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    Good poem hun :heart:
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