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The ultimate test this weekend......

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With the skint situation, i will be home alone mostly, with lack of vices ie: cigarettes/alcohol. I hate this kind of situation, but i guess it wont do me any harm. Just had a really awful week and a little drink would be nice not tonight, perhaps tomorrow.

Ah, mum was a let down today as per usual, dad ranted as per usual, i binged and purge all day as per usual. I have no energy, and had this compulsion to just eat all week its awful!

Forced myself to have a tody up tonight, feel a bit better for tht but not much. I have awful stomach ache from eating so much all week and things. Had enough of being alone, that person i met up with last week was too full on and took it wrong because i havent met up this week, then went on and sent a text saying just be friends which is a relief cos the pressure of anything else was a bit worrying. But i kind of feel like a massive prat and like im so useless with any kind of relationship.

Anyways whatever, also my head hurts like as if its been eaten alive on part of my scalp its awful, sick of the whole itchy crwling creepy bed bug or parasite thing ive got going on in my head. :( blah
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