The Uncertainity Principle forum seems like the perfect description for my problem

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by keysersoze, Apr 20, 2014.

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  1. keysersoze

    keysersoze New Member

    Hello, peoples

    I Believe in the fact that everything we face is the lord testing us, even if this theory is philosophically paradoxical, and that weathering the storm is simply a reaffirmation of faith. However, when the problem faced is BIZZARE....i don't know what to do. If you haven't guessed by know, yes, this is a rant

    I came to this country when i was 10, and things were perfectly normal for the first few years. I had friends, i could talk normally, and by all measures, was a perfectly normal personHowever, when i was 12, i lapsed into a video game addiction, which in retrospect, i consider to have ruined my life. I was in a cave..isolated from the world, and life was a routine of going to school, coming back , playing, studying, playing and sleeping. I never went out for any other reason.

    However, there comes a moment of realization in everyone's life, and that sorta came to me when i was 15. I decided to leave the childish addiction behind, and focus on going out more. But horror of horrors, when i went back to my friends, a new sensation hit me. Fear. Fear gripped my heart, made my hands shiver, and my heart beat faster. Everyone had two questions..."Where were you all these years ??", and "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ??"...I quickly excused myself, went home, and became a recluse once again, this time, however, my imprisonment was forced. Or rather, is. I have been living like this for the past 2 years, afraid of the people whom I once called friends, and simultaneously ashamed of my existance. I contemplated suicide, but everytime I did so, I would look at my sister, and my heart would ache. I slowly lapsed into depression, which is where I am now.....SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP !!!!!
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    Re: The Uncertainity Principle forum seems like the perfect description for my proble

    ..i do feel the same way....friends?...i have few of them..and i seldom see them...and whenever we gather together i am always silent..just listening to what are they talking.....why?because even though we are "friends" i'm afraid of rejection..of being out of place...but then..still they are the one who encourages just need to confide to them whatever you feel..i, too find it hard...find it embarrassing..i thought they will laugh at me...i tried to tell them what i feel every time I'm with them...last week i told them what i feel..and they really laugh at me..they say that i'm crazy for thinking such complicated things..they say that they don't find me weird or anything...that they actually love me..that i can say anything i want to them..that they care for me...that they are happy that i open up to them...that they have been waiting for me to speak... of the things this forum has taught me is that you must atleast learn to speak...i'm still working on speaking how i feel coz i always keep everything inside of time im gonna try talking to my family..

    ..i hope it will work for you as well..<hugs>
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