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The Universe

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Hey, ill just go by Joe. Think about it, what is life. Where did everything just magically come up from. There was nothing? nothing, then something just popped up, are the more of these things all over? How did any of this start? Honestly, everything is the most mest up thing ever, its like a freakshow or something? Life is pointless, we live get mad, and die. I mean honestly, this is fucked up.



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It depends on your perception.

One may see life as pointless - and with good reasons as well, family/social issues throughout childhood etc which contributes to this view.

One may also see life as full of oppurtunities - eg to contribute and impact on the development of knowledge.

Always remember though, cause and effect. The universe exists because of some reason, but one that we cannot yet comprehend. We get depressed because of some reason, not simply because your 'born with it'

Me? I've always been an upbeat person, and believing that there is 'a silver lining to every cloud' - even despite some big issues currently in my life.

My counter-thought for the statement, 'Life is pointless, we live get mad, and die. I mean honestly, this is fucked up' is;

What if life never existed at all? That would be even more fucked up :wink:


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I believe that if life is 'fucked up' (which I think it is) then it's primarily cause human beings fucked it up. If we'd just quit messing with the natural order of things the world, as we know it, might not be so screwed up.

I also believe that since humans are mostly responsible for the atrocities currently wrecking the world, humans have the power to reverse their destructive actions and make this world a more peaceful sustainable place. And we must start small - start by being kinder to your neighbors, by recycling, by doing the little things, the little kindnesses that travel and produce more kindness, less destruction.

I sincerely believe this with all my heart, even in my worst depressive moods.

love and hope for the world,


I also believe there's a purpose and reason for everything, whether we know it or not.
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When I think about the world, I imagine the world without any humans in it. And it is a stunningly beautiful and fascinating place. The fact that it is here is not messed up but a sheer wonder. In a way I don't care if global warming wipes out the human race because we probably deserve it. As long as the planet continues then I'd like to think that one day an alien race will discover it, live on it and learn to appreciate it and take care of it like we never could.
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