The Unknown Soldier/ The Known Soldier.

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    how true this cartoon seems to be Hope thought things will change to support our soldiers
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    Thank you for sharing it with us, Adam.

    With love - Aquarius

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    Tell me about it. I am a veteran and this behaviour is well known to me, it is normal. Everyone likes a war hero they can sympathise with, but no ones like a war hero who is down on their luck, they can go and die. And what is more the people who post stuff like this on Facebook are the people who will walk past a vet begging in the street and sneer at him for being a loser.
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    My Heroes

    It seems to me that these days the worshipping of heroes has become a popular pastime and so inevitably from time to time, someone wants to know who mine are. Everybody appears to have some; yet, I seem to lack the capacity for that kind of worship. Maybe my early experiences taught me which people are truly worthy of my deep love and respect and which ones are not. The worthy ones to me are those who day by day quietly and patiently bear their cross and get on with their lives, as best they can, the same as those brave warriors. Also, I am more than happy to specially honour anyone who has ever played their part in trying to make our world a better place for all to share.

    If it were within my power, I would personally hand an award to each one, especially to those now in the world of spirit. As that is impossible, let me do the next best thing by expressing my deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to them here. Whether they survived the nightmare or not and wherever they may be now, I will always remember with gratitude and admiration the courage of those who marched, fought and gave their lives and limbs on behalf of us all. Who knows? Maybe some of them are now among our friends and helpers in the world of light, supporting us and spurring us all on to ever greater efforts. Now, there’s a heart-warming thought for you!

    At the time of writing and editing this, I heard a news item about the fact that not only Germany had been bankrupt by the end of the war, but that the same was also true for the United Kingdom. On the internet I found the following press release: ‘In September 1945, its government borrowed $4.34 billion at a 2% interest rate from the USA and Canada, to rebuild the economy after hostilities had ceased. It had originally been intended that this loan should be paid back over 50 years, beginning in 1950. But it turned out that keeping up the payments was often difficult. There were six years when Britain deferred payment as a result of economic crises and pressure on the official reserves. Just before the New Year 2007, over sixty years after the end of the war, the final payment of £43m was made.’

    This confirmed a belief I have held for a long time, namely that in any of the many wars our world has witnessed there never were any winners. In the end, everybody loses and everybody gets hurt – and that not only on the soul level. It is true that in the short term and on the material level, the warmongers and arms makers grow rich and fat. For anyone who still lacks all spiritual awareness, the most important lesson of their present lifetime is the recognition that no material wealth can be taken with us at the moment of physical death. Even the most materialistically minded people gain when this dawns on them upon their return into the world of spirit.

    The Universal law of life is love. Any warmongering is a transgression against this law and a crime against all life, not merely humankind. The only true winners in every war are those who realise the futility of warring. Great spiritual growth is sure to come to those who appreciate the significance of the ordeals they had to endure and who know how to extract the learning they contained, individually and collectively. And if such survivors strive to spend the rest of their present lifetime in peaceful ways, they prove that they have grasped the Earth plane’s most important lesson: the value of peace.

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