the unsent letter

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    I sealed it shut.
    My face exploded with happiness,
    emotions overflowing with joy.
    Months of repression, anger, frustration, and anguish finally were dismissed -
    perhaps crumpled up into a little ball and thrown into the trash.
    The envelope was carefully decorated and titled "To: Lauren",
    quotes from Gandhi and unknown authors bordered the edges,
    A little heart sticker was even placed on the back.

    What lies inside holds a future,
    a future of either friendship or hatred.

    I spilled out feelings of my unrequited love for someone,
    positive changes I've made over a period of six months,
    wishes of a good future for her,
    and xbox shenanigans.

    Maybe it's better off unread.

    For once in my life,
    I felt at peace.

    At least temporary happiness is better than none.

    (I'm basically just summing up my feelings about a letter I wrote to my ex's new girlfriend and debating on sending it to her along with the Xbox my ex bought off of me. I'm almost 100% sure she'll just rip it up.)
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