The Urge to Cut is Back TRIGGERING

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  1. I've been a cutter for 7 years now, and I've finally been able to put the razor down. But I find, with the ups and downs, I am partaking in other forms of self-harm. I've started purging again (which I haven't actively done since I was 11 or 12), I punch walls or dresser, busting up my knuckles, burning myself with water in the shower that is too hot, etc etc etc.
    I almost find these sorts of things worse, but I don't want to go back to cutting. I want to find other means of coping, but at the moment, with things that have been piling up, I can almost hear the sharp, shiny razor calling me, because my suicidal thoughts are coming back. Cutting was always my alternative to suicide, and I don't know of anything that can help me get through these disgusting thoughts of mine.
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    Can you call someone hun to talk to to take away your tool to self harm do you have a therapist or doctor you can call and get on some meds or get therapy to help you cope better
    Please don't self harm anymore reach out and get the help you need to stop hug
  3. My doctor is aware of my self-harm, and we're still trying to find the right medications for me but I'm not so sure she is taking me seriously anymore (not the first time that's happened with a doctor for me either). I've told my mum about my current lapse, and she's taken everything away. There's still that fear, though, you know? Being an insomniac, I'm up at all hours of the day, and she nor my dad could possibly watch me all the time. The only other person I could turn to is upset with me and will not respond to any messages I've sent her. That's kind of why I turned to here... It was the only place I could think of where I could just talk about it and maybe that would help subside the feelings? Talking always helps, especially with people who can understand.
    I'm doing all I can not to. Fighting it like always. Doing well so far.
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