The US celebrates Thanksgiving today...

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    but I'm not sure it's a thing to celebrate. We came over here and killed, intimidated, and forcibly relocated the indiginous people... and for that, we're giving thanks??:blink: Sounds arrogant and dominating to me, and not a good reason for a holiday. We've always treated Native Americans shamelessly, and still do today, yet Thanksgiving is a treasured holiday and no one seems to think of what it represents. I like spending time with my family on this day but feel awful about what was happening so many years ago when the first Thanksgiving was held. We could have come here and coexisted peacefully, but we didn't. We treated them like "savages" because their beliefs were different. We were wrong to do so and this should be a day of shame and of atonement for our wrongs, then and now.:sad: Just my opinion...
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    Agreed completely.
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    i agree too which kinda reminds me of in england we celebrate bonfire night.
    our tradition is to make a man out of old clothes and set him on fire. guy fawkes was the first terriost but he tried to blow up the courts because people where being treated unfairly and he tried to liberate us, we thank him by every year setting a dummy of him on fire? :dry:
    kinda confusing :huh:
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    I think bonfire night got all confused. The dummy burning is meant to represent Guy Fawkes being a traitor and being caught for his sins. But the fireworks are meant to depict what his success might have looked like. I reckon there are two celebrations going on there.

    Maybe thanksgiving should be renamed thanks-taking. Still, it isn't just America who are to blame. Nearly all countries have been invaded or mistreated over the years by others. I guess it just goes to show that war, huh! what is it good for, absolutly....
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    Fireworks I think are a recent addition. Fire festivals at that time of year go back centuries (or thousands of years) before Guy Fawkes. Before Fawkes, the Pope was burned in effigy, and before that, who knows? The common factor is fire.

    I think these festivals, are more to do with an excuse for a social gathering than anything. I suspect Thanksgiving, for most Americans, is more to do with turkey and cranberry, and meeting the family, than what it's supposed historical reason.
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    Bit like anything then really. Why do we need so many excuses to get pissed XD