The Vale of Tears

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  1. Nepenthe

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    The night did not seem to wane
    in the wake of my darkest hour.
    I walked down into the valley,
    the canopy of which shrouded
    my path in shadow, begotten
    from the roots of regret.

    It’s so cold, I say. I must
    turn back. But it’s too late.
    I’ve traveled this far, but for what?
    Distant and unforgiving;
    what did I do to deserve this?

    This burning anguish, eased
    only by the faint light of dying stars.
    But even then the comfort was
    not enough. It will never be enough.
    Not for me.

    So I walk. Alone, lost but
    never found. On skinned knees
    I collapse. The blood runs black,
    and my vision fades.
    Rest at last? No.

    There must be something more.
    I stand and continue.
    Faith hidden, unrealized.
    Through tears I can faintly see.
    There must be something more.​

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.