The Virgin Rose

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    Beauty, simplicity; The virgin rose.
    Untouched and untouchable, protected and hidden.
    Lovely... Wild.

    In a shop you can buy them with the thorns removed,
    foliage cleared away,
    baby's breath and a bow added.
    As though this perfect thing was not perfect
    just the way it was.

    You make it what you want it to be.
    What suits you.
    Never once appreciating it as is it,
    as it was meant to be.

    Now, it is unprotected, unhidden and
    is surrounded by something which you think makes it
    more beautiful, more brilliant...
    all tied up in it's pretty little ribbon with it's pretty little bow
    and you think "there, now it's more appealing".

    In doing all of this, you have destroyed it,
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