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The voice of a dying heart

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Still Alone in life after so many years
My heart is as dead as barren land
Where no blossoms grow only weeds abound
It’s me my sorrow and the depression hound
I am down and helpless
In this merciless world
With no one to count on except the one above
In sorrow and grief have the years passed
With no companion to lessen the burden of my heart
I am as alone as I was before
The pain of my hart continues to grow
Life to me has become a mere burden
Devoid of taste and flavor that I once knew
The world to me is closing on
I can’t find the strength to carry on
I already am dead it’s just the end that remains
Finally I will lay off the burden that my soul sustains​


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Why is the world so cruel to me?
So evil so treacherous so devious so mean
They wont let me wont let me speak
My thoughts and conscience they cannot steal
I have always been an honest soul
But people just want to punish me more
For the crimes I never did
Nor even thought of
Is it the fate or the fault of the system?
That the original fail and the crafty thrive
Leaving the deserving to strive for their lives
Certainly there is some thing wrong with the people here
That’s the only thing that is perfectly clear
Leave this place if you want to live
Make your life for you have time still
They will seek to delude with clever ploys
To them Law and religion are mere toys
It is by design not by default
For God is not unjust nor a despot
To defeat them requires an all out assault
If the oppressed don’t rise it’s their fault
The wronged will weep and the weak will cry
But the vultures above will continue to fly
Searching for every new corpse their system generates
They are despotic mean and total degenerates
To this clearly is no end
The wicked will attack while the innocent fend
Fend for their lives the only thing they got
For all the wealth falls in the land lords pot
God they blame for the system they made
But this lie too is destined to fade
Fade like the dark when the sun rises
And rise it will no matter how long it takes.
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