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    weak in the knees, don't say 'dirty please'
    Oh and I'm in love, with my own stupidity
    it's my disease, I have no security...
    I modestly promoted, demoted and shamed
    The very thing I stood for and inflamed
    My horses eyes were wide, with anger and agile
    don't you talk to her like that boy, she's still just a child
    Oh, how do I feel about the precedents tonight
    In these dark torrents I run raining, I just want
    Aboriginal sin, ambiguity and A monogamous creation
    Perhaps it's true- I am an anarchist, although
    I don't think there's any blood left to fuel my rage
    I spit these ashes upon each page, hatred fuels my sage
    I am trying to find that voice within, that one that won't complain
    That voice that knows, the difference- between sane and insane
    sane and insane sane and insane sane and insane and then again
    I know, there's no real knowledge, of good and evil
    just two building blocks in our hands, one made of dust
    the other is man, if you can you know you will
    build your tower, angels learn to kill, to do it with ease and it
    breaks my heart, this passive art of selfish pride
    Who is the next, beautiful bride, weak in the knees
    don't say it means nothing, for I mean it
    I am not a happy soul, not at all.


    Entrainment, detainment, derangement
    Confined realigned we've all been redesigned
    it's the mind, mindless & catatonic, don't you know
    you're still controlling a mind that's chronic?
    Go ahead and call me blind, the mind is what
    keeps us in check, the mind spits out paper
    from tears of ash, we choke our fumes from the blackest nights
    As she wept, wailing in the beautiful light- mysterious
    angelic and free, what is this- is this what we call liberty?
    Oh, she knows love, it's something about a hug, a hand
    And no promises that can't be kept without,
    A simple land it understands, rebel bible
    Where's your bride, leafing through the rubble
    one world, still contrived, it's till death do us part
    and it's breaks my heart. I want to wake up screaming aloud
    And show the world how I fear it, detain my own flesh
    And engineer it, I want to scream, because nothing is left
    but lies, the lie that God will rescue us from this bitterness
    but it's his plan, damn damn damnit man, what happened?
    It's so cool, so foolish, to believe that everyone is cruel
    When we all are made to be playing the poet who rhymes
    Spitting our words in symbols that knowing contrives
    Entrainment detainees,where are the refugees
    Stand in line, cross the field, wild and free
    What happend, what happend, what happened to my liberty?


    Free words, became my realm of sorrow
    Hail the queen of the skies, like there is no today
    or ever was, the yester-realm of heroes
    She flees the image, a wax design, how forcibly men
    made their bride, sign the contract- undermind
    underlined she is so quiet, virgin pride
    What's alright? Waiting for the lightning light
    I want to hear, she cries, the prophets graffiti on the walls
    I want to fear, she lies, I want to die...but nothing
    nothing will make me feel, that sort of healing that means Im real
    Am I real? Do I care at all, what's this man or do we fall
    Do we question ourselves at all?

    Our own flesh...our human souls, our liberty
    Our image known, to all...who hears the call.
    The dove sings, a violent bell, angelic screams
    Oh angel, I know you well...and we will be
    We will be, the enemy. Yes call me
    Call me, America, just call me the enemy.


    Don't take me back to that place
    Where errors reign
    In the sky, and in the plane
    On the sun and shining lane
    Courts solution, corruption
    Damnit damnation, repulsive
    rebellion, fucking stagnation
    crockpot of christian police
    and all we do is pose for them
    and then we say 'dirty please'
    get down on your knees.

    Oh How Mountainous your holiness lips
    oh how crucified the truth is wrong, oh bride
    Tonight you stole my song

    Oh stolen woe, I do not know, which way to go
    realm of snow...fuck the high and fuck the low
    go go go go go go
    You want to reap the seeds you sow
    the semen of the demon, the racist and the hoe
    how do you control oh
    I really meant that I don't even know....why they go
    Like they do....right through me...


    Just a rainbow
    Moon, God, Goddess,
    Controlling this cartoon
    Beautiful Maroon
    soon, there will be snow
    on the ground
    and his blood and flesh
    will be sound
    in the sunshine.


    Asylums crowded, school bus crumbles
    Out of the walls
    A child's hands...footprints like butterflies
    in the sand, the sea calls me
    to an open shore
    where I no longer am
    The virgin whore.
    The virgin whore
    were it true, that I were you, MAN
    damn what were you really for?
    Dont call me girl, I have my own manners too
    And I can get on top of you
    wont condone what you dont own
    And do, the things you know aren't so
    and so and so
    don't know, the things I call mine
    These poems I read
    Between the lines. Politics or plots of science
    religion or revelling defiance
    There's no reason to rebel
    If this is hell, Ishmael.

    But Moses, Christmas, the olive tree
    A symbol, staff, and every
    Stone thrown upon the child
    Was thrown into a dusty sea
    Where all the rubbles turned to sun
    And reflected all TRUTH upon thee
    No revelations, could corrupt
    the volcano was to erupt
    The crowds silenced, the worlds violenced
    it was compliance, it was so silent
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    astounding! :biggrin: :hug: keep it up!
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