The voices reappeared today

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    Had to go out in public to pick up prescriptions..... suddenly whilst riding in the car..... the same voices I have not heard for a couple years made themselves heard in my mind, commenting on my usage of drugs(morphine was mentioned). I'm ok now in my home, but I was freaking out in public. I swear the ppl around were calling me an addict:

    "Look at that guy" is what I heard.... this can't be real, not after so long w/ out voices at all. I swore everyone around was talking about me-that's what I swore when the schizo 1st hit me in 2003. I had to keep telling myself it wasn't real-I was hallucinating again. Why after so long of nonexistent voices?

    A doc put me on
    2000 mg of Depakote last week. Could that be the explaination? I'm doing my best not to freak out here.... I don't understand why this happened.... I heard voices last night as well. Will it continue? Have the med that kept me under control worn off? If it gets as bad as it once was..... I won't make it, I can't handle it's severity-not again! I thought I was cured, only to be suddenly horrified beyond belief. NO! NOT AGAIN I don't think I can handle it...... and I'm medicated now, but terrified that it will keep happening.
  2. Empathise with your situation, voices or head chatter can be pretty disturbing and all absorbing, especially when their being critical. We all get voices in the head from time to time, we all hear our minds churning away over 'guilty' actions we have done in the past or are contemplating. But I think what most people don't do is 'panic' about them, i.e... Convert the thoughts/voices into psychical emotions, (fight or flight) doing this seems to make the thoughts/voices 'dictorial' i.e... Orders or outside influences, which give them an aspect of 'being controlled', rather than being 'in-control'.
    It’s difficult or near impossible to realise that what your 'hearing' is not genuine, when your mind and 'body' are telling you different.
    Suggestions maybe...don't panic the first time your hear 'bad things', try and be reasonable with your self, get close to whom you think are saying what you think they are saying, and listen to what is actually being said, you'll be surprised that its 'you' saying things, and not them.

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