The Voyager

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  1. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    On the fifth of September,
    Nineteen seventy-seven,
    The voyager began his journey
    He was the first to take the grand tour
    The mission was ambitious, though simple;
    He was to go where no man had gone
    He was to see what was to see
    And he was to tell us tales
    Vivid stories of giants,
    of undreamed landscapes,
    and terrible gods.
    He went forward on his voyage
    Without complaint
    He had been trained well
    His armour finely crafted
    He knew he was not to return
    But he knew, too, that this was a grand honour
    When he dies, he will not stop
    He will sail on
    He will have with him a gift
    So that when his body is discovered
    By some foreign power
    They would know that they are not alone
    And that we extend our hand to them

    His first stop was with a timid little god
    But he spent little time with this god of war
    Wanting nothing to do with such a brute
    There was no glory to be had
    Staying with the bland god
    So he departed for the King of the Gods

    Mighty Jove
    The god of laws and order
    He saw the god's great red spot
    He saw the god's rings
    And he gasped at his halo
    While he was struck dumb at his size
    The king-god did only smile
    The voyager examined the king-god
    Every minute detail he could see
    And before his road forced him on
    He sent a letter home

    After departing the hall of the god-king
    He came to Saturnus,
    the god of harvest and dance,
    strength and justice.
    While inside, he is hot-blooded and fiery,
    his face is cold and bleak
    The words he speaks are harsh, his wit is quick;
    Any one defying him will be torn apart
    The voyager fled from this god,
    but he sent his friends and family a message
    He said that all was fine, and discussed in detail
    the god and his servants

    But the road goes ever on and on
    And so he moved further
    The next step was the god Ouranos,
    the god of air and sky,
    the son and husband of Mother Earth, Gaia
    Little was noteworthy for the voyager
    For he was old now, and jaded
    And was losing faith

    Piece by piece, his body was shutting down
    He would sail on, that would not stop
    But it was getting harder and harder to see and write
    In twenty oh-seven, he could no longer wield his PLS
    Twenty oh-eight, his PRA was too heavy for him
    In twenty-ten, his UVS no longer served him
    In twenty-fifteen, his DTR will fail him.
    In twenty-sixteen, he will lose his sense of balance
    In twenty-twenty, his limbs will become useless
    And in twenty-twenty five, he dies.

    The mighty voyager sails on forever
    In the eternal, dark abyss
    Home has no meaning anymore
    It's not even a pale blue dot
    The brave voyager went forth
    In the name of progress, knowledge
    And the pioneer spirit
    And in the name of exploration,
    the dedication to knowing of the unknown,
    He gave his life.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    What a wonderful epic...and to have a purpose, how devine! This is truly impressive...J
  3. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Would've been better if I could rhyme, but I'm not getting paid so meh. :)
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