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The Wall

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Miss Invisible

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When you've lost so many people along the way,
AND your mind can't seem to process another day,
Do you shut down or walk away?
To that place in your head, only you can find,
Wrapped carefully in your mind.
Where you go to feel safe, protected, and secure.
The only problem is the "cure."
To leave a place you've once called home.
Open a door letting memories free to roam.
How can I give you this key?
When it's my only safety.
Instead of a home, it will now be my prison.
That is no cure, but a life sentence.
Who now calls the shots, I wonder aloud.
Each memory coming alive like a death shroud.
I see my tormentor not just from within.
How can this be?
I put you away but here you are in front of me.
Don't they see you can hurt me now.
I can't push you out of head anymore
I'm forced to deal with the emotion I had locked away
It was not my choice to unlock that cage.

How do I FEEL? these emotions in my mind I use to control, now in my body..I feel sick..out of control.
Feel it, they say.
But my feelings? are long gone.
They are behind that wall in my mind,
The one they are so desperate to break.
The "cure" I fear will be my downfall,
Now I must fight once again.
Attack mode, a Warrior I Am.
I fight for my safety.
The wall protects me and
I will not let it fall.
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