The Ward

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  1. On The Ward
    Out of this world
    Have I earned this rest
    or deserve imprisonment
    Then again
    I’ve already been trapped
    for so long,
    so much has gone wrong
    The break is some leeway,
    even though I’m stuck with the rest
    of those who have fallen,
    whom hell keeps calling
    like my own being,
    and who cannot get up on their own
    I have been one of those
    for an age
    And no one could help
    And I couldn’t help myself;
    Any journey begins with one step
    but I’ve been down so many wrong paths,
    guided waywardly or not at all
    only to fall
    away from all I sought
    despite how hard I fought
    I’ve been wounded and beaten,
    my soul eaten alive
    I’ve lost
    I surrender
    in this war
    I wave my white flag,
    almost gratefully,
    on The Ward

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  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Oh my, how lovely and poignant!:smile: You may be living in your own private Hell, but it hasn't impaired your poetic abilities, my dear!!:hug: :flowers: :hug:

    love and hugs,

  3. SmilePretty

    SmilePretty Staff Alumni

    :) :hug: i like it
  4. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member


    good one FAL1....

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