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The Way the World Looks from My Perspective

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It is year 2006 and I would like to share my views on the world from what I have seen, heard, or realized in my 24 years of life. The world I see now is certainly different than what I saw 5, 10 years ago. It is constantly changing, and some in negative way.
First of all, I am from the U.S. and here the money rules. If you are a person with $$, you get all the admirations, respects and people are lining up to be ur friends. Money is certainly necessary means to survive in this world but so many evil, terrible things are happening to battle for more money.
2nd thing I wanna mention is "Only the strongest survive" or "survival of the fittest." Of course, you need to have money, education, means of making money, support system to thrive in this competitive world. The income gap between the rich and poor is widening and there needs to be more attention to people with low income so they can improve their lives.
3rd thing I wanna mention is all the disastrous things happening in this world that makes me wonder, "Where is this world going?" First it started off with 9/11, then Iraq War, Tsumani which killed 300,000 people, earthquake, conflict in Lebanon, genocide in Darfur, etc. Hunger and AIDS epidemic issue has always been big issue as well. The world needs to be moving in the right direction by working on preventing things like war, genocide from happening again and implementing more helps and supports for hunger and AIDS issue.
Those things are what I have been witnessing in my life. Life as mysterious as it is, makes u wonder sometimes where it really is going toward and what is ahead in store for us. I know I came in this world for a purpose. However, my life has been severely affected by severe depression, addiction and other psychological issues. They all are something I never expected would happen in my life.
I am 24 now, prime age for anyone to live the best of their lives. Yet, I find myself constantly struggling. It feels like I am caught in a spider web that I am constantly trying to free myself. One thing is sure though. If this is my destiny, I will accept it and die trying. That way, when I go back to where I came from, I will leave without regrets.


the richest people in the world, the billionaires don't actually have true happiness. freedom is purely a state of mind, and has nothing to do with external circumstances. let go of the external world & try to find inner peace inside yourself.
This world is 'money minded' i dunno what its like over in the US but in the UK we do have that to some extent, people on benifits over here can be seen as scum, fair enough some are, they just sit at home living of hard working peoples taxes, when their perfectly capable of going out and getting a job, but their too lazy too go do thatm they'd rather sit at home and do nothing. But some familys do need that money to survive but i've found that people on benifts seem to be generalised (spelling?) as being lazy etc.
"money can't buy happiness" true in my opinion, society is very much money based, your seen as being better or more powerful for material things you own, but i think thats absolute crap (was gonna but a swear word but ill keep it clean lol). A poor male/female can be just as powerful as any other male/female, money dont make you powerful or better in anyway, to me 'power' including happiness, the way you see life, the understanding of life and society, you could be the poorest person person in the world, but as long as you've got that understanding of life and society and respect it then to me that makes you twice the person than someone with money could ever be.
Some people say money can buy happiness, in some cases it might, but the majority of the time its not true happiness, fair enough if theres a poor guy and he won the lottery then of course it might make that guy happy. But money brings misery aswell, people being false, only after your money, you could have all the money in the world and still be unhappy.
I completely agree with your 3rd point, when the london bombings happened its was a complete shock to everyone here, the 4 london bombers were 'home grown' i think that added to the shock a hell of alot, to think that someone can turn on the society that they we're brought up in, does that show something about the social part of our lives we live in? to tell the truth i dunno anymore, personally i dont like the way society is head these days
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