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The Well.

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by GuruSwaharati, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. GuruSwaharati

    GuruSwaharati Active Member

    There was once a man that was thirsty, so he took a walk 10 miles from his home to the well. The problem was that every time he made it home from the well he was thirsty and needed to go back again.

    His neighbour would often wonder why he was walking up and down all the time past his gate. So he asked him why he walked around so much.

    The man replied that he was thirsty and had to go to the well. His neighbour laughed good naturedly and pointed out that the man had a well right outside his front door.

    The man looked astounded, because plain as the nose on his face was a well right outside his front door. How could he not have seen it? It was right there all the time, yet he would walk for miles to get a drink.

    One thing was certain, the man had all the water he needed and never had to venture far from his home.

    There is a moral to this story.

    Alot of times people thirst for justice, acceptance, love and the various other things that humans need. So they go and look for it, like the man they walk ten miles to try to get to what they think it is that they crave. We find it in things outside of ourselves, we find it in friends, music for some drugs and alcohol, for other religion. We will travel great lengths to receive love.

    Yet all this time the thing we thirst for is ourselves, recognition and love for ourselves, and we need not go far for that.

    For whatever you are thirsting, you are the well of your own happiness.
  2. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    Hi there

    Thanks for sharing.. I think the moral of that story is true indeed. It's given me something to think about.. thanks

  3. GuruSwaharati

    GuruSwaharati Active Member

    I am glad it has inspired you to reflect on it.

    If there is anything I can do to help.
  4. I thought this lesson inspiring as well, and wise. Yet I cannot help but ask...

    Ah, what if that precious well has run dry?
    Or if the bucket has a hole, with nothing to mend it with...

  5. BlackPegasus

    BlackPegasus Well-Known Member

    I always enjoy hearing these sort of stories. Stories are the way to teach children and adults alike or so I was raised. They do not judge or speak harshly but rather share on an experience and bring learning through wisdom and gentleness and not ego. I would love to hear more. :hug:

  6. GuruSwaharati

    GuruSwaharati Active Member

    Found and Lost.

    The well can never be dry, it is a spring eternal.

    There is so much water in the well you can scoop it up with your hands and not need a bucket.

    Perhaps its time to go to the well.
  7. GuruSwaharati

    GuruSwaharati Active Member

    Thank you MIa,

    That is a story of my own.

    I would love to share more, so just keep watching the threads.
  8. Saoirse

    Saoirse Guest

    Hey Guru, welcome to the forum. Good story, good job we have a short stories section for them.
  9. GuruSwaharati

    GuruSwaharati Active Member

    This is not a short story, it is more a parable type story.
  10. Saoirse

    Saoirse Guest

    Would be handier for you to start a thread in the story section and post a new one each time, gathering the collection. :)
  11. GuruSwaharati

    GuruSwaharati Active Member

    An excellent idea.

    However I posted it here because i was UNCERTAIN where it went.

    Thank you for clearing that up for me.
  12. * * *
    What if I trusted that once and several times over, and it were true, but I cannot get there from here any longer? Why do you think I question? And how many can I ask for such answers? There are several poems awaiting you in the Poet's Corner. And if you invite PM's yet you do not answer...


  13. GuruSwaharati

    GuruSwaharati Active Member

    Why can you not get there? The well is yourself can you not see yourself anymore?

    As many as you have questions.

    I apologise, but I didnt see that I had a PM, and you never asked a question there, so why dont you PM me and tellme exactly what is wrong.
  14. Why not read the poems first. It is how I express my self. They're not rhetorical.

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