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The Wellness Report - points out some great ideas/help

Discussion in 'Strategies for Success' started by greywool, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. greywool

    greywool Member

    http://www.dandrupsteen.com/wellnessreport/step1.cfm and livemoreawesome.com

    the wellness report sounds kind of lame, but i really really recommend. the questions do probe all aspects of your life to see what changes you might be able to make. the report looks at what you might do and how, plus gives some great supportive examples. nothing to do with meds really, rather just looking at you and how you fit in the world around you and how you might adjust things to make change.

    This Questionnaire will take you approximately twenty five minutes to complete. Once completed a customized report will be emailed to you outlining some recommendations that if implemented may help positively change the way you feel.

    the guy who develops these things also has the "live more awesome" project

    Live More Awesome is a registered NZ Charity started by Jimi Hunt & Dan Drupsteen. They wanted a place to be able to inspire others to better themselves and be able to talk openly about depression and how to deal with it.

    Both of them have suffered at the hands of depression in their lives. LMA was an idea based around the fact that if they continued to strive for better things and live more awesome, then there was no way that depression would ever get them again. So far, it’s working.

    To be recognised and acknowledged globally as the organisation that tackles depression differently and positively with simple, effective and awesome initiatives and events.

    To initiate fun and ‘yahoos’ through ridiculous, remarkable and news worthy events.
    To facilitate world-wide discussion of depression by way of online and offline campaigns and intitiatives.
    To cultivate a social media presence that enables people to share remarkable lifestyle experiences that help increase mental welness.

    in any event, i think it is really cool that there are people out there trying to help and making a difference. and the wellness report even after all my years of therapy and doctors and meds did offer some new insights. worth trying for yourself!
  2. scaryforest

    scaryforest Banned Member

    did the dan one and waiting for results.


    ok got the thingmajig. def worh the 20mins of filling in, inspiring read
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