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The "What If" Game

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We'd all be dead from no oxygen.

The Beatles saw a woman named Lucy in the sky near some diamonds, and journey saw a big ass tire in the sky, Pink floyd decided there was a concert in the sky... what if theres just something in the water...


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Then I'd just hop in my Yellow Submarine and go see for myself! :nerd:

What if a mysterious stranger handed you a case filled with $1,000?
^ haha :laugh:

Then I would probably....hmm...thats actually a really good question that I can't answer. O.O But i think you just made me a vegetarian

What if there were no more books? :O
It would be too awesome for words as the aurora borealis is something I would love to see with my own eyes

What if there was no more room in hell so the dead walked the earth
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