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The "what made my day" thread (Post what made your day today)

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...we'll see if this takes off or not.

For me today it was my dad who switched the channel while he was watching TV and i happen to alk into the room. I was Grateful Dead's Fire On the Mointain being performed live. Very simple. But sad or not, this is what made my day tody.

A few days ago it was a conversation i had with a total stranger outside a subway station about smoking, which we were both doing, about homeless people. Another simple thing. It let me know that there are good people out there. And as i have been told: "Good people are few and far between" so it's nice to value and appreciate when we find one.


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Mine was an old friend getting in touch and saying if he'd known what had happened he'd have been down on the first train..made me cry :cry:
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