The Witness

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  1. About honouring the self, as well as the precious lessons paid for through our trials...

    And thanks again Sooz - now you're spoiling me (it's nice to be spoiled...)


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    ~ The Witness ~

    I am
    the pearl within the oyster,
    waiting to be found ~
    The gift come from tribulation
    A small miracle of Creation…

    I am
    a silent speaker, a witness to truth;
    Shining, yet rebuked
    for the work is hard…
    Opening each shell of opportunity,
    and understanding…

    Begrudged as treasured am I, for the price.
    Taken for granted, I sigh
    Not seeing me, I still cannot die;
    I only go back to the Earth…
    Mine to know my creation’s worth…

    I have worked diligently
    to create wisdom through trials.
    I have
    been waiting in the dark,
    fashioned as what I was
    meant to be…

    I am
    the treasure many seemingly acquire easily ~
    so long as they must not study my being…
    For I am
    the sum of all my tears;
    The witness
    you hold in your hand,
    but within your heart not seeing.

    I am, I was
    but a grain of sand ~
    Fashioned to shimmer for my woes in this world
    To be a small reminder, a wonder,
    That God made the Oyster
    as the Pearl…

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    that was amazing...

    you are very talented....

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