The word "cute".

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    I'm tired of being called cute. I've come to the conclusion that in the world of men, cute means something entirely different than it means to women. When men use "cute" there's always a "but" after it. Meaning "she's cute, but....(not hot, not sexy, not who I want her to be, not enough). I'm always called cute and I hate it. Additionally, I have only been with 2 guys, which is apparently a bad thing now. I was in a long term relationship for a long time so it wasn't like I was out looking. I had one guy literally break it off with me because "you're too cute, sweet and innocent, I would ruin you". WHO SAYS THAT??? I'm 22 years old and not a child! Gah....I can't escape this "cute" thing. It makes me want to scream.

    I've lost 60 lbs and I look healthy, why do I still fall into this category? The category that guys like to use me as a distraction but never to be taken seriously. I don't know what more I can do to change myself....

    I know this is more of a rant than anything else but it drives me nuts.
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    Speaking only for myself - I don't understand why guys say that. I am one - and I have never used that full phrase I quote "you're too cute, sweet and innocent, I would ruin you". I think that's a "jack the lad" charm - someone who would take the chance of using that for a line that sounds incredibly insulting.

    I'm sorry that you get that - The "categorisation" isn't nice either... You're healthy physically - always a good thing (saves a few doctors trips or more). And being honest - only being with 2 guys by the age of 22 - well done to you. There's plenty of people out there who have had more "partners" - and that doesn't bode well for relationship stability.

    I'm not surprised the whole thing drives you nuts either.

    You should only change yourself for you - not for anyone else. Not even your current partner. Be the best you can be - although from the sounds of it, your current partner has been with you for 7 years and that in itself is also worthy of a congratulations. I've lost count of the number of failed relationships for under a year that I've seen people in over the years (I'm only 28 myself), so to hear that the pair of you are working hard to maintain what you have even at this age - that is a vibrantly positive message.

    Hope this helps in any small way.
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    I agree with the whole being called cute thing...I'm not a kid anymore, and hate being treated like one. That reminds me, I hate being called kid or kiddo too. I'll never be considered beautiful but it would be nice if I was even considered passable in the looks department. Guys don't want to corrupt me either, it's stupid...almost seems like guys don't like nice girls. So I can understand your frustrations with this.