The World and Her Idiots.

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  1. pither

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    I have a new and improved theory on people- and I've given it a lot of thought.
    Everyone in the entire population of the human race is an asshole, they just vary in intensity.

    I may have only met less than a minuscule fractions of the whole population but I also have tv and the news to help cover some of the uncharted ground. I mean it's not hard to miss all the bullshit that goes on. Still it's a rough generalization.

    But being an asshole is human nature I suspect- parents raise their children in their likeness thus disbursing more assholes into the world and the cycle continues. People starving in third world countries would be assholes if the roles were switch, there's no doubt about that. Pastors, priests, the whole lot of religious mentors are COMPLETE asses. Spoiled little brat kids, respect oriented know-it-all elderly, teenagers (but that's a given).

    Even if you're the most law abiding, well mannered, pleasant, kind person you were an asshole at one time or another and it's just in sleeper mode so to speak.

    Some people hide their asshat-ish tendencies fairly well and others don't. For instance, some people have the courtesy to smile back if you happen to smile at them while others sneer or simply look away. But this of course is just a small example. You can easily pick the obvious ones out just by observing their behavior for even a brief moment.

    To go along with my theory I have drafted a scale of intensity-

    1 - Subtle
    2 - Apparent
    3 - Generic
    4 - Obvious
    5 - Full Blown

    For myself I would say Generic although I'm sure this post makes me seem a definite 5. As far as public interaction I try and be as subtle as possible, but hell, you can only do so much. This scale is just my first attempt and I'm sure I'll rework it several times before it's legitimate.

    So here is my newly developed theory- I'll surely be posting several more times with more developments and ideas expanding on the subject but for now I thought I'd just get it out there.
  2. Tam

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    Seeing as how I'm feeling not too bad today, I think I'll try and blow a hole or two in your new improved theory.

    All people can be arseholes some of the time.
    All people can be good, kind, caring, sympathetic and understanding some of the time.
    Some people can be arseholes a lot of the time.
    A lot of people can be good, kind, caring, sympathetic and understanding a lot of the time.

    It's just a bugger trying to work out when people are being in which mode. :smile:
  3. Stormhand

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    I can say in ways I do agree, I mean just to get up ratings I see a lot of tv shows bringing sluts assholes and punk kids.
    While you have some parents not taking their responsibility and roles as parents, but instead pointing the finger at someone or something else, saying its cause of so and so that my kid wound up like this.
    This world is not perfect, but there are those in the world that do care.
    I have had lots of different kinds of friends, different personalities.
    Some..extremely full of themselves to teh point he thinks he is god to women.
    Others very caring, liek my sister, she is one of very few in my life I know that give a damn about me, I with i got to see her more often, but I also know she has other responsibilities..2 daughters both teenagers..need I say more?

    but I will tell you now, to find good ppl you just need to look in the right places, but that would all depend on points of view and style of living.

    try to have abit more of an open mind.
  4. pither

    pither Well-Known Member

    It's been awhile since I posted my initial theory of people and I've come to more conclusions as would be natural.

    First of all I think I pretty much stand by what I said before and state that all people in the human race are douche bags. But I have a bit of a new way of looking at things.

    People broken down:
    Okay so we all start out with our core being, many people say that all humans are firstly good. That truly, deep down we begin life as pure and uncorrupted. This I agree with But-

    I believe it is IMPOSSIBLE for a being who is raised on this planet to remain "good" at heart for any long period of time.

    Corruption finds everyone, regardless of ethnicity, location, and environment. It's human nature to be a dick. Adam and Eve proved that. And even if you aren't a religious person, the evidence is all around you every day.

    So my new theory is:

    Human beings, regardless of ANY circumstances, are or will become at a rapid pace complete douche bags.

    So there you have it. Innocents and purity is only skin deep. People try and make you believe that everyone is really good once you strip away all their bull shit, but really it's the other way around.

    People are in this world for themselves and that is human nature.
  5. Datura

    Datura Well-Known Member

    Using the Adam and Eve story as evidence makes it even harder to take this theory (or observation, whichever you prefer) seriously.
  6. pither

    pither Well-Known Member

    Well Orange, I'm not forcing my opinion on anyone- This is my experience talking and it's not like I expect everyone (or anyone for that matter) to humor me or agree with what it is I'm saying.
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  8. johnnysays

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    Lol. I think he just added you to his (long) list.

    If you smile at someone, and they look away, it doesn't directly follow that they're an azzhat. Some people are extroverts and some aren't. Some people have a very low social IQ, and will have the appearance of being rude, but don't be too quick to judge them. Like they say, don't judge a book by its cover.

    Ya, I think that if you wipe away all of the data piled onto our lives, that you'll find a child there, but good luck getting that far! Life does a number on us all, and we have varying methods to cope with it. Times like this when I just want to say "live and let live". Count your lucky stars. Find something to smile about, even if the guy you just passed completely ignored you.
  9. pither

    pither Well-Known Member

    A bit of an update on my little observation thingy-

    I have come to the conclusion that my views on people derive from my lack of faith in them- Throughout my short but rounded life I have learned one thing most of all

    People = Disappointment

    Everyone, including myself, will at one time or another be the cause of pain in another persons life. We will be the one who sneers at a smile, we will be the one who cuts someone off in the parking lot, we will be the disappointment.

    And the cycle will continue, and happiness will always only be temporary to pain.

    The system of our interaction as beings is a loop, a never ending circle of emotional hurt that follows us to the grave. And some may say that it's the opposite, that it's happiness or contentment that's the primary on our lives. To them I say that they have a "glass half full look on life" and I have the reverse. As a social network we fail either way- corruption has become part of us as much as love and good will.

    It's a give take relationship and some just so happen to take a little more than they give-
  10. Robin

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    Trying to work out how the world works is gonna drive you crazy, look at me lol I think I'd rather be that anteater, he's got it sussed :)
  11. JonathanK

    JonathanK Well-Known Member

    If asshole means self interest, of course that's everyone. Everyone's attached to their own ego, and, of course, there's a tendency to see that as the most important thing. However, I don't think all displays of niceness are ultimately out of selfishness. I don't think that all people only act nice to make theirselves good to the community. That's one, all too common, motive, but I believe, however, that there's genuine altruism. I don't think all displays of affection and kindness are just a mask to undermine the inherent selfishness we display as young children and infants. People have the ability to see the suffering of others by mentally putting their selves in that person's shoes. They can know that their conscious experience of life is only one aspect or vantage point of many others. Now, I do agree about variation. Some people are more altruistic than others, while other people have a tendency to be more full blown egoists/assholes than others. I think people can have different proportions of either. I don't think the altruism, of whatever degree it may be, is undermined by selfishness. As long as they've worked at being more altruistic, that's all that should matter The natural tendency's probably to be more egocentric, because that's what we all are at the beginning.

    If you watch an infant, they cry for food and only think of their selves. That's not to take away from their innocence though. People begin to understand the basis of altruism though around age 4 or 5 though. That's around the time that they're taught about sophisticated ideas about being accountable for their actions in some traditions. Its all still very simple and innocent at that age, but it all develops out of that. As for understanding the basis of altruism, I remember wondering to myself what self awareness was. I knew that other people were obviously sentient like me, but I was curious to know if inanimate objects had a soul as well. "I'm a voice in my head. My mom, dad, and sisters have voices in their heads. Does the dog have a voice in its head? Does that plant have a voice in itself?" You get the point.

    Anyway, people can develop a sense that other people are caught up in the same world that they are. Its something that has to be refined. One of the truest aspirations in life could, very well, be to develop a higher sense of this. We shouldn't see one another as a race of creatures bound on other journeys but fellow passengers to the grave.

    I'd love to see a more compassionate humanity. Instead of just thinking of one's self, kin, country, etc as more important than the rest, everyone should see all of humanity as equally valid and important. I think everyone has the potential to do it. If others don't mutually return the same sentiment, it doesn't undermine the ideal. Instead of idly sitting by while the advantaged exploit the disadvantaged, in terms of third world labour, buy fair trade. Instead of sitting by idly and letting homeless families and children starve, donate to a charity. Wherever there's some sort of injustice and people are in a position to make a contribution to ending suffering and inequality, they should stop making excuses and do something.

    If people can't get along with itself and journey into the future without blowing each other up and allowing men, women, and children to die of war and starvation, then this world doesn't have a future. Its true that were all self interested, to one degree or another, but, like I said, were also altruistic to one degree or another. Even Hitler had concern for his dog and his wife. Even your typical politician and serial killer cares about someone else. Gacy cared about his daughters, mafia hitmen typically care about their kids, and executives exploiting slave labour are doing it all on behalf of their kids, to whom they will leave great inheritances too.

    I wouldn't really see one as undermining the other. People just need to learn to extend that love for the rest of humanity.
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    I think we need to define what an asshole is. To me an asshole is someone who's self centered, who's rude, impolite and doesnt respect anything.

    Now I'm sorry to say that I am not self centered, I try my best to not be rude or impolite to people I judge are good and respectful. And I try to respect everyone. I'm not perfect though, there can be slip ups. That's being human.

    The thing about people is to not expect anything from them. Or if you do to make it clear to them what you're expecting. That way both of you know it and there's a less chance of you being dissapointed.

    The thing is dissapointment is part of one is a superhero so normally there will be dissapointment in everything..the key is to use dissapointment to motivate you to be better...learn from it and use what you learned to your is a alone have the power to do with what is thrown at you...