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The world is changing, and I cant take part in it.

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Hello. I feel very bad these days psychologically, and I have a mental illness called paranoid schizophrenia, I am afraid it is messing up my thoughts and my feelings and so on. I feel like the "other side" is calling me to them and that I need to check out from this physical realm and contribute more positive to a better world in the next phase (death,spiritual world or so on), I Have some pills which could end this but I want first some advice on why I FEEL LIKE A SPECIAL PERSON WITH SOME SPECIAL PURPOSE IN LIFE, the birds try to talk to me but I cant hear what they say and the ipod songs are all messed up, The songs is about the earth and stuff and I play a vital role in it.. I feel like the world wants to be decieved and im thinking bout 2012, the endtimes and so on... The world is changing badly badly badly in stuff, and peoples minds r being affected and I DONT WANT TO PLAY MY PART IN IT!



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I understand how your feeling my friend......

The world is very evil and only getting worse,i dont like it either.........

We gotta stand together right?? And try to give love/caring to those that need it?

Please try to not do anything rash,i do know its hard!! (The way of the world is getting us all down TRUST ME!!)

God bless :(


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I have an immediate neighbour who has paranoid schizophrenia - plus sveral other mates who I've known over the years. Several more neighbours who live round my way and who I've known for a while - decades.

You say you feel like this might be affecting your feelings and what you describe does sound more like your illness than actual reality. My neighbour has a mental health team who visit once a week to make sure he takes his injection. If he leaves it - you might find him looking in a local pub for various famous people. He would be convinced that Charlie Sheen or similar persons were his friends and they were out looking for him on some important matters. We can only wish!

This illness can cause fixations on any number of matters. With medication the condition is controlled to the point the person I know will laugh at his antics.

There is some truth to what you feel though - but before you work that out you need to get more help with regards to the day to day cycles you go through. Might be a need for new medication. This medication does work but you really got to keep using it.

You can get depression as well as schizophrenia - so mention that to your doctor or health worker. I assume you are in regular contact in that regard?

Bear in mind, all this talk of 2012, global warming, wars, famines and the horror we unleash on each other - bad though all that might be - you got to make your own place of peace - your own spiritual sanctuary. Don't let the evil of the world contaminate you by too much exposure to it.

Take time out to watch the sky, look at the flowers, feel the breeze and sunlight.

Don't read too much bad news - ignore the media for the main part but use the internet to view other national news stations and alternative voices not in the pay of the powerful and rich.

Also, read some older classic novels. Go back as far as the recorded history of mankind will go - but bear in mind even if you spent the rest of your life reading and researching, you would still be like a blind man who has landed on the moon and has to describe it. You'll know a little - but be facing the unknown no matter how clever you are.

Because we always hit this 'wall' in which knowledge is limited for us - we have to enjoy doing things and be at peace with our limitations. Don't expect the mystery of life to be anything more than a bigger mystery to those who search.
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