the world is to big!!

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    hes too far away i just wanta be with him!! i just want him in my arms it hurts so bad. over 3 months dating and ive never even been able to hold his hand or hug him or anything... i just want my baby boy here with me :'( i hate the distance i just wanta be with him!! i love him so much and just want him here!! it hurts so much!! i just wanta be with him he is my world!! i need him :'( why is the world so big? i miss him so much!!
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    huh? daiting without even holding hands? like youve never even seen each other?

    in sweden we wouldnt call that dating or relationship...

    and the world is small... or else you wouldnt have meet in the first place

    try and move maybe, alot of people travel the globe for love...