the world should be destroyed

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    the human race doesn't deserve to exist...

    [03:05] edward_j_uk: hi - how is your week?
    [03:06] bruffterman: pretty damn awful. who is this?
    [03:06] edward_j_uk: just a guy
    [03:06] edward_j_uk: saw you on ic
    [03:06] bruffterman: oh
    [03:07] edward_j_uk: you got a cam?
    [03:07] bruffterman: take my advice just a guy, i'm not someone you want to get to know
    [03:07] edward_j_uk: why?
    [03:08] bruffterman: i'm an abomination, bent on self destruction, i hurt all those around me
    [03:09] edward_j_uk: you want me to rub it better?
    [03:09] bruffterman: you're not actually flirting with me are you? seriously? i'm probably going to attempt suicide in a few minutes
    [03:10] edward_j_uk: jut get your cock out for me and relax
    [03:10] bruffterman: go to hell
    [03:10] *** edward_j_uk has been ignored.
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  3. bunny

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    you got to try to remind yourself, not everyones like that, try to hang on for the good people
  4. Wonderstuff

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    Bunny's right. Ignore him and others like him. There really are good people out there...plenty of them are right on here :)
  5. ~Nobody~

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    He's an arsehole.

    Try not to think about it hon'.

    :hug: x
  6. Bob26003

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    Wow, creepy. I thought they were over exhaggerating the internets predator thing. Guess Not. :laugh:

    I know its not funny and you were serious. But that is a little funny.

    But not everyone is like that. Variety is the spice of life.

    Sometimes you have to step back and admire everyones uniqueness.

    And that guy was unique all right. :laugh:
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    The human race isn't like that person. Sexually obsessed people like edward care about their next hedonistic moment, and pretty much nothing else.
  9. Erebos

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    People act differently behind the safeguard of internet anonymity since no one is able to put a face on what they say. Don't take what they say too seriously.