The world stripped away *trigger?*

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    Good vs. Evil
    Names, names are all they are
    Definitions for understanding
    But let’s define them, shall we?
    Good as in honest, brave, and true
    Integrity, honor, and courage are their hallmarks
    But this is not goodness entire
    Goodness runs from our soul, the river of love
    Yes, I think that sounds about right
    Now if goodness is defined, evil must also
    Hate, despair, and jealousy are their representatives
    Blackest hearts in blackest nights
    It clings to their innermost source
    Now why do we strive for goodness?
    Let’s believe the propaganda for a moment
    It is our duty, the path, our salvation for our life after death
    But yet, in these troubled times
    For indeed, this world is a mockery of righteousness
    Goodness does not bring wealth
    Poorly paid, even less respected
    It does not bring satisfaction easily
    Pain twists and turns into every crack of every attempt
    Why should you even try?
    Evil, such a naive term
    What else can we call it? How about what you fear the most, hate the most, covet the most
    It brings all men low, down to their own destruction
    Yet it is rewarded, it is valued
    Nice guys finish last
    Use every advantage you can get, fuck all who stand in your way
    They don’t matter, never mattered
    Are these not the rules which the world lives by?
    Money, sex, and power
    Everywhere they surround you, cut you off from those you love
    It’s infiltrated every heart, every head, and every home
    Inescapable, it brings its own seductions
    In its own sick way, it’s much like love
    You experience sensations that you never want to go away
    It hides the pain, fulfills the rage
    Hunger is satiated, and vengeance succeeded
    Yet you DIE, YOU DIE FOR IT
    Such soft whispers carry such harsh punishments
    This is all a joke, all one silly overrated drama
    Life, love, and understanding
    No one gets it, we are all afraid
    Worse yet, we try to define it, control it, and own it
    I live in a world that describes everything, identifies everything, and tries to understand it all
    Yet it’s impossible, the veil has been lifted from my eyes
    It’s indescribable, unidentifiable, and incomprehensible
    Yet I cling, I cling to the part that I love most
    The world stripped away
    Friends fallen and love broken
    It will remain
    We concern ourselves with the eternal struggle
    Good versus Evil, love versus hate, Yin versus Yang
    They are not the same, differences in opinion only
    One brings life, the other death
    I use those terms only so that there is just a small shred of comprehension
    Goodness is brought low, spat and pissed upon, and thrown in the gutter
    Rude and sadistic men hold the world at ransom
    Why, let’s join them; follow their ease of wealth, pleasure, and freedom
    What’s the deal? We probably deserve it, mistakes and all
    Beyond forgiveness, let’s lose ourselves, push past the edge
    It just demands a little payment that’s all
    An ounce of skin
    A pint of blood
    A portion of your soul
    What will it be? What will it be?
    The world, at the cost of it all, easily won and more easily lost
    Infinitely more enjoyed by everyone around, except yourself
    Yet there is a part of you that wants it, yearns for it, hungers for it
    No denying, be part of the crowd
    Join that deathless dream, that endless nightmare
    At least you won’t be alone
    It almost sounds inviting
    Here is my skin, my blood, my soul
    Save me from my own suffering
    You wonder why goodness even bothered
    Here is why, here is the center of the movement
    For betterment, for life, for redemption
    Evil, in that basic, naive term, poorly defined, yet universally understood
    With its ease, its promises, and its rewards
    Lacks something so wondrous, so fantastical, and in its own way
    It’s a property given to goodness alone, its partner in weak description
    I believe, special unto me
    Maybe for you, I wish it were true
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    I like the depth of your poetry.
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