the world wants me dead

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  1. morning rush

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    I'm getting tired of waiting...being on a waiting list for groups to help me cope is getting unbearable...there's one that called but I missed that phone call, I call back but they say that their call backs are on tuesday and thursday afternoons, so I expected them to call this week but one no one cares...the hospital tells me that they have no appointment free so I have to wait for that too...and the work group place hasn't called back either...

    I mean I reach out and get nothing...I'm tired of getting nothing...and because I'm poor I can't get any therapy of any kind...

    on the news there was this homeless person who got gunned down because he was ripping open garbage bags with a knife and apparently it started as a simple family man who got depressed then ended up homeless and psychotic and no one would help him...

    the world doesn't give a shit about people who are suffering, when I went to the hospital, they didn't keep me because I wasn't suicidal enough...I wanted help, and as they told me they couldn't really help me...

    I'm getting more and more tired and I don't want to hold on seems that the more it goes, the more problems I have and the less help I get....I don't know where to reach out anymore...
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    If you are in need of help, please go back to the hospital and complain again...I do not know the health care system in Canada, so I cannot advise more than there a Psychological Association that you can contact to see where you can go low cost or free services? I am so sorry your efforts are netting you so little, but please do not give are worth and deserve the care you desire to feel better...big hugs, J
  3. total eclipse

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    Their are GP in Canada that practice Psychotherapy and are covered by Canadian Government so no charge.
    Their site can be accessed by googling General Practice Psychotherapy Association.
    Like said if you go to the emergency dept and tell them how unstable you are you need to get inpatient help you can get admitted at least see a crisis worker there hugs.
  4. Chargette

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    Also look for a grassroots group to go to. This would be an informal support group that gets together just to talk. Often these are in someones home, sometimes in a coffee shop.

    I hope it gets better for you soon.
  5. morning rush

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    I tried to get inpatient help and they said that I wasn't unwell enough...that they couldn't help me...

    about the association, no one is available in quebec at this time...everything I try gets shut down...almost like I don't deserve it...
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    You do deserve it.i know how you feel.there are some people who shouldnt be in their jobs.
    I would keep ringing for an appointment and not stop till I got help
    Its hard when youre low and no one makes an effort.
    They have to help you in the hospital if you dont feel well
    Theres no such thing as not suicidal enough.