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The worlds crazy

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Whatcha think? I think it's crazy. For my own reasons. Money bets you've got your own reasons. Stupid world.. so many different points of view, and different ways of doing things, and "considerations" and people who don't value the same "considerations" and people who over-impose "considerations". And values, or lack of. And ill thought out actions, or over thought out actions. Or just trying to make sense of something that looks crazy but it's really series of miscommunications that make it look like a ball of Crazy. Ignorant bastards who jump in without looking at what's going on, adding crazy ignorant perspectives and emotions. The disconnection of values and morals when things get larger jusitifed by "acceptable losses" blah blah

Fuck this world man.

Phew, I feel better :D ... And yet.. This pos world is exactly the same.. Bollocks. Suppose I'll go put my clothes on that were manufacted from some place that I dont want to know how and eat some food that was produced somehow that I dont want to know, and watch some telly where a.... ffs

Life in our "society" forces us to turn our fucking brains off to enjoy our advancments and pleasures. Under the guise of what? "You have been given the opportunity to make the world better with the gifts and bonuss we enjoy today".. In acceptable ignorance. Whose back am I standing on now? Who the fuck is standing on my back? Wait what? Oh right. It's a pos crazy world. But but, there's alot of beauty in it. If you just disconnect from all the crap around you. Oh right so it's selective thinking and perception is it? Right. So apply ..... nm


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I often have the same thoughts than you Blake. Most everyday is an exercise in refocusing from the circle of my worries to the circle of my influence: sorting where I have a measure of power from what I have no control upon. The poem by Emily Dickinson has served me many time as a mantra:

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

- Emily Dickinson


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Idk. I dont care about any of it anyhow. But i have too.. to keep this face and wall up. This sorta presentation and awareness of whats up so I function. :( what shit year this has been. Sometimes I wish I didn't know about somethings in life, or didnt feel a connection to them.
It's geting rough cause Im shifting between one part of me that feels all tensed but can function and sometimes back to who i am. Nothing, but something..

Oh idk why im writing that. I used to think there was some glimmer of hope in another, but idk. There's no answers for what I want and need. Lifes just a distraction to keep my heart and mind occupied with things I cant deal with, to keep me from myself. Starting to really believe this now.
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