The worst category of sales reps

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    I deeply despise recruitment consultants.
    With their arrogant attitude of faking being helpful when they actually couldn't care less wether you are employed or unemployed, dead or alive, they are just sharks ready to waste my time at any one given occasion.

    I am desperately looking for a job, and I mean really desperate.
    Perhaps I don't sound nor look desperate enough to them but my patience has reached the limit.

    These people are the worst sucking scumbags within the sales rep categories: they have a job and cannot or don't want connect with people who desperately need one. And that is what they are supposed to do: getting people job, filling out the gaps in the job market. If they succeed they get a commission. So it is in their interest to be able to listen and match.

    They call you, ask you what is it you are looking for when you already said that thousand times to either their colleagues whom you have registered with or through online applications, promise you they will call you for a specific application they think you are perfect and then you never hear from them again, you chase them and become invisible and in the meantime your chances of getting a job become slimmer than a Slim Fast programme......

    I hate them all.

    Sorry if there is anyone here working in the recruitment consultancy sector.

    My experience with those useless, arrogant, selfish people is totally negative.

    I wish them (those whom I met/spoke with) to find themselves in the same situation where I currently am.

    And not a single person willing to help.

    Fuck 'em all.

    End of rant.
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    couldnt have said it better myself! here here!