The Worst Nightmare I Ever Had

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    I had this nightmare this past Saturday, May 25, 2013. I have never had a nightmare where I remember every detail. It was like I was there, and not just dreaming.

    I woke up on a naked cot. Lacy was on my right side. I felt the terror in the room. I knew that I was in danger, but I couldn’t remember how I got there. I knew I had been kidnapped, and I knew a second man had entered the cabin in the woods and threatened to kill me if I didn’t give him back his 6 million dollars. I didn’t know anything about the money, but I assumed the man who had kidnapped me had stolen it from him. I don’t remember being kidnapped, but I knew that is what happened.

    I knew I was in a cabin in the woods, and it was a bare, faded wood cabin, made with planks, absent of paint. There was a small porch at the back door with two square posts holding up a dilapidated roof. It sat in a small clearing with dense trees surrounding it.

    I was breathing hard, and sweating in fear as I looked around the room. I could see the other man strangling me, asking for his money. I remember I was supposed to fight or I would die. I couldn’t gather the strength or will to fight. I thought about scratching his eyes, but it was a fleeting thought. Darkness overcame me as I drifted away, not caring that I was dying, knowing it was better than the terror I was feeling.

    I woke up…the rain was pouring down outside. I could see my bedroom window, the curtains open, but no rain coming in and the curtains were still. I looked to the left and I saw a shadow of a back door. I don’t know how I knew it was the back door, and I couldn’t see the door, but I saw the absence of any wall in the shape of a door. I looked to my right and I saw a window that looked like a window would look if I was outside looking at the window. The window frame was a fading, grey wood with a single, oversized screened nailed to the frame. I looked further to the right and saw the outline of a door and a room beyond. I knew this was the living room, and that a front door was on the other side of that room. I looked down and saw Lacy sleeping on my right side. In my mind, I crept out of bed and fearfully crossed the large living room. I don’t remember a kitchen, but when I looked down; I saw a large knife in my hand. I was making stabbing motions toward the front door. I saw a phone and picked it up, but when I tried to call 911, there was only music and no dial tone. It was southern gospel that I usually listen to.

    I backed out of the living room to return to the small bedroom. I knew I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was there. I thought that if he came in front of me, by chance, I might stab him. The next thing I remember is lying on the bed again, looking up at the window, with Lacy at my right side. The knife was in my hand. I would stab the knife toward the window, and then the black space where the back door was. I would turn toward the living room and make more stabbing motions. I kept rotating this movement, since I didn’t know which direction he would come from.

    I moved Lacy to the left side of me, and kept making the stabbing motions. As I looked at the floor, I could make out the outline of a suitcase and clothes were carelessly laid over it. I instinctively knew that it was the suitcase with the money the man was looking for. I tried to scream out that the suitcase was in the floor, and I didn’t have anything to do with taking it. I tried to tell him that I was kidnapped, and I didn’t know about the money, but no sound came out of my mouth.

    I reached behind the cot and found a phone, but it had music playing on it, as well. I kept hitting the end call key, and then the dial tone came on. I tried to talk but I couldn’t speak. Terror had overcome me, and I wasn’t able to talk or move. I woke up, and instinctively looked to the left, but all I saw was a white wall. I looked at the window and heard the rain pouring down in sheets. I looked up and saw remnants of the window. I sat up in bed and looked to the left. I was trying to scream for help, but no sound came out. I looked down and saw Lacy laying on my right side. I knew I was alright, and as I looked around the room, I saw my room in my safe house in the Riverview area. I laid back down on the bed, feeling safe that Lacy was there and would protect me.

    I woke up in a small café. I was drinking a soda, perhaps, and there was a rotund man and a woman at the counter. I knew the store was old, and had been in the small neighborhood for many years. The couple seemed very unhappy. I somehow knew that it was because sandwich shop had opened around the corner. I stepped out and there were paved stone lining the sidewalks. Around the building was a very clean, quiet and updated shop with donuts and a variety of ice-cream. The girls behind the counter were not friendly, but they stood and stared as I looked around the shop. I left and went back to the homily coffee shop. I told the couple that being the counter that the new place wasn’t nearly as nice and would never take their business away.

    There was suddenly several Mexican men sitting in the shop. I looked to my right and a man about the age 35 sat at my table. He didn’t say anything. He had thick hair and a heavy mustache. He watched me as I took the money to pay for my drink. I had a wad of money in my hand that I knew was given to me by the man at the cabin. He asked me what I would like most and I told him I wanted a car. I said he would give me two thousand dollars. He felt bad because I had nothing to do with stealing the money. I somehow knew that the man who had stolen it was dead. I suddenly had five thousand dollars in my hand. The Mexican man stared at my money as I quickly put it in my pocket. I didn’t trust this man.

    I told the man at the counter that I wanted to buy a car. He said there was an auto dealer up the hill. I looked up and there was a building with windows framing the sides. There was a couple of old cars sitting in the mud parking lot. It seemed like such an expensive building for such a poorly constructed lot. The short hill leading to the auto dealer was muddy and had tracks where four wheelers had driven up and down the hill. As I walked out of the shop, the Mexican man walked by my side. There were suddenly many Mexican men standing against the wall of the shop.

    I walked up the hill and glanced quickly at the cars on the mud lot. I didn’t think they looked good and probably didn’t run well. I walked into the building. There was several high fashion people sitting at desks and one woman standing. She looked like she could have been a high fashion model, but now, her blond hair, streaked with gray, was pulled back severely from her face and bound in a bun behind her head. She had on a black suit and white blouse. I told her I wanted to buy a car that was good but not too expensive. She walked up to a divider and drew out a sheet of paper. She asked me how much money I had to spend. I saw the Mexican man standing behind her. I whispered that I had $2,000 to spend on a car. She loudly said, “Oh, we probably have a few cars for $2,000”. I was annoyed because the Mexican man knew how much money I had, even though I had $5,000 in my pocket. I wasn’t going to tell the woman since I thought she was raise the price of a car.

    I followed the woman to the left and through a door. There were several cars parked helter skelter in the room. None of the cars looked like they would run. For the showroom to have so many beautiful and expensive cars, I couldn’t understand why all of the other cars looked like they had been taken from a wrecking yard. We walked back out to the showroom and to the right was another room with a large glass wall. I could see that the cars looked nice, and shouldn’t be too expensive. I asked her about them. She turned to look at the showroom and then snapped her head around looking at a white ladder that led to what I assumed was the roof. She asked me to wait, and she climbed the rungs of the ladder. She returned and told me that there were some cars there I might like. I followed her to the roof of the building. It looked like a parking lot at a mall. I looked past the parking area and saw the cars parked on the mud lot. As I looked further out, I noticed the muddy road going down the hill, the coffee shop, and on the left side adjoining the coffee shop was the sandwich shop. I hadn’t realized it was all one building.

    I suddenly got very scared. I quickly descended the ladder, ran out the door and went to a car that looked like it might run. The Mexican man was beside me. We got in the car, and I drove to the muddy road. I stopped at the top wondering if the car would make it down the hill with all the ruts. I pushed the gas pedal.

    The next thing I knew, I was in an apartment building. I was on the second floor at the end nearest the shop and dealership. A woman walked up to me and told me the sandwich shop had been closed because of uncleanliness and unscrupulous business practices. It had to do with the coffee shop being disparaged. As I entered the apartment, I saw the Mexican man with a small boy.

    I can’t remember why, but I knew we were in danger. We told the boy to go to his room. Two men walked into the room. We tried to defend ourselves, but they wouldn’t be stopped. I ran to a room and locked it. The men came in. I am not sure what happened, but there was a machine there. It almost looked like a microwave, but it was round, and very large. Somehow, I was able to push their heads in the machine, called an expositer, and flip a switch. They died immediately. I came out of the room and ran back to the living room. The man told me we were in danger, and that we would be able to fight them off. One after another came into the apartment and one after another, I put their head into the machine and flipped the switch.

    As I waited for the next person, I knew that something wasn’t right. The man came in the room and the machine no longer worked. I saw a large knife and I sliced at him cutting him in the forehead deep enough to penetrate his skull, exposing his brains. He immediately died. We realized then what we had to do to get rid of them. The people from the dealership came like robots, attacking mindlessly as we cut their foreheads and they dropped lifelessly to the floor.

    We thought we had got them all, so we went to check on the boy that I found out was the man’s son. Suddenly a man burst through the door. He was with the fashionista from the car dealership. We told the body that we had figured out a way to eliminate them, and not to be scared. We quickly dropped both of the attackers.

    I was in the coffee shop, and I told the couple the news of the sandwich shop being closed. He said we had a larger problem. I told him that we had killed the robot attackers. I walked out and the Mexican men were standing against the wall, and motorcycles ripped through the mud lane. I turned and the Mexican man was by my side. They seem to fear or respect him, but I knew I was safe. I looked up the hill and the car dealership was empty of people and cars.

    I was sitting at a table and flipping through a magazine. It had small photos with what seemed like a bio beside each photo. I saw people who I knew from somewhere, maybe in the news. Each bio detailed their crime against people with scams and Ponzi schemes. They even had cattle rustlers listed. One photo I was surprised to see was Sandy Patty, a southern gospel singer.

    The dream scattered into the people in the magazine, like a short movie showing how they defrauded people. I realized that Sandy Patty was the cattle rustler, and that she and her partner were stealing cattle, transporting them and selling them at slaughter.

    I woke up at 7:30 in the morning to what was more like an experience rather than a nightmare. I was tired and realized how bad my arm hurt. I must have been acting out the stabbing motions while I was asleep. The back of my legs ached and all day, I wasn’t able to walk very well because of how sore they are. I decided to get up, because I didn’t want to dream, anymore.

    Tonight I am going to bed, and hope I don’t dream. I wonder if people can die of terror while experiencing a nightmare. I don’t want to go to bed, but I will.
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