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the worst thought in the world

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...or at least to me it is.

what a heartless person i am.


and i hate these thoughts, HATE them.

and the thought is this - i wish it were all over. i wish the cancer was done with and "it" was all over.

im not sure i can do this.

im not sure i can emotionally deal with the ups and downs as they continue to happen.

im not sure i can watch it take her over, when that time comes.

and at the same time, i dont want it all done, because then she is gone - forever.

its a selfish, selfish thought. but sometimes i wish it were so.
how could one wish that on another? isnt it my selfish reasonings? how can that be right? morally right? i know its not.
I'll make life easier for you right now.
There really isn't a right or wrong, but rather a preference for those how are in control. Do you control your life? You do, now think of what I just said. You're in control of your life, YOU choose what is write and wrong for yourself and NOBODY and say other wise.


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your not being selfish by any means ive done that
just wishing it was over so they were in a better place away from this earth where we kill each other with wars and words etc
wishing they were in heaven without the pain
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