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The X Factor starring me

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Dreamed last night I was at the auditions for the X factor in London. The venue was massive, thousands were watching me as I was forced out onto the stage by Sharon Osbourne(?) and then ordered to sing. I protested, saying I wasn't actually interested in competing and could I leave the stage please, but the judges were shouting me down and giving me examples of songs I could sing. I decided to sing to get them off my back but I couldn't sing a note, everytime I tried I made croaking sounds as if I had lost my voice, so I was murdering the tunes and people were booing. Instead of telling me I was going home Simon Cowell kept asking me to sing different songs as he thought we would find one I could sing, and I was getting so annoyed, all I wanted was to leave the stage.

Just thought I'd share that. :IrishDoll:


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Cool dream! I love singing talent shows like "The X Factor"; it's coming to the USA this fall, which you probably know. I'm stoked about it!

Thanks for sharing! :D
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