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The Yin Yang of Life

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Today is my birthday and i am smiling...the world has not changed much, in fact there are more ppl at war which does break my heart when i hear it, and the site at 911 has not begun to be built yet, and the glass ceiling still exists, but i am not counting the pills on the table religiously as i did, and wondering which piece of art would be enjoyed by which friend, and not 'forgetting' to pay my bills because why pay for something you are not going to use anymore, and wondering how to best tell my dear friends it was not their fault...so all and all, it is a good day...thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your lives...it is truly an honor, and for helping me to have the feeling that we CAN make a difference, and it is a good thing to let ppl in...I value this space we have all created here, ... this is a part of my feelings of being blessed today...with great appreciation and wishes for each of you to have a much more peaceful ride...Jackie
What a sweet thing to place here Sadeyes. I hope today and all future days will find you blessed with many friends. You give so much to everyone and ask so little for yourself. Then , on the day that is your special day, you still take the time to inspire others. Thanks hun-for being you. :) Take care. Love ya. :hug:
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