The 'YOUNG AT HEART'-'WIFE' thread! It's not what you think it is...

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  1. thorns_all_over

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    This thread is about what adults come up with in terms of 'Weird', 'Interesting' or simply 'Fun' and 'Extraordinary' new words and/or their usage in a sentence. Teenagers and young adults are also included here!
    May they be 'misspelled' or 'invented' or even already 'existing' words, that are simply used in an unusual way. Anything out of the ordinary is welcome!
    If you got a little backstory about it, the better!
    Just don't forget to tell us what those words actually are meant to mean, if they are hard to guess for others!

    The forum guidelines STILL apply. So keep it clean, please!

    So let the >>> YOUNG AT HEART - W I F E <<< be known to us all!

    If you are looking for the 'WIFE' thread, which is only about young children, you can find it here:!-It-s-not-what-you-think-it-is
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    When I was teaching it was a whole new world.

    Sick = That is really good ("That song is SICK")
    Bad = Good (?!) ("Dude that haircut is baaaaaaad!")

    Teenagers. Sigh. Lol! I have to admit the "sick" one I caught on fairly quickly, the "bad" confused me for ages.

    (Totally different really but I have a friend who is known to everyone as "Geg" because as a child his tiny sister could not say "Henry" so she didn't bother trying and just called him Geg - and it stuck. Poor bloke)
Thread Status:
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