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You find a wallet/purse on the floor in the street or a shop, what would -YOU- do?

  • Hand it all in at police station or the shop you find it in.

    Votes: 19 73.1%
  • Take a note or two as your 'reward' then hand it in.

    Votes: 2 7.7%
  • Empty it of anything of value to you and hand it in, claiming to have found it like that.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Check no-one's looking and pocket the lot, keeping everything incase it might 'come in handy'.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Keep the money, but bin the rest of the 'evidence'.

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • Other, please elaborate. If you can, give the reasoning (moral or otherwise).

    Votes: 4 15.4%

  • Total voters
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You find a wallet/purse on the floor in the street or a shop, upon picking it up and looking inside for I.D. you find a wad of notes. What do you do next?


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I agree that it's definitely the morally correct choice :) I'm interested it what people would -actually- hypothetically do as I was posed with the decision today and these are a few of the more distinct choices I saw available. Mere curiosity, no intending to cause anyone to pass judgement on others :) |- freedom


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as a cabby i have found wallets in cab
its a hard choice if they are kind and polite or old or with kids or family i have returned to owners
15 years ago i would have kept it
if they give me trouble or are rude arrogant abusive i hand it into office not caring what happens after that
again 15 years ago i would have kept it
so i guess i changed with time
i now do the right thing whoevers wallet it is


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Hand it in. It's not mine. (And whoever dropped it is no doubt going to be panicking as soon as they realize they've lost it.)


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Would probably turn it in, though if I was really down and out and if I really needed that green stuff, well, may help myself. Sure almost all of us are honest but it seems as though 100% of the answers are just PC ones.:mhmm:


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I would do my best to track down the owner and return every cent of the money. Poverty aside- there is something very wrong with you if you didn't.
I'd probably try and contact them if there was a way i could. If they seemed like an ass on the phone or something then i may be tempted to take some $$$ but when it really comes down to it i probably wouldn't. Even if they weren't and ass or i had to turn it into the police station i admit i'd be tempted to take some cash though really i probably wouldn't. So pretty much the first one choice.

What about other valuables(phone, mp3/ipod, etc)?


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I'd just turn it in to the shop I found it at or the police station cause someones gonna be looking for it eventually. Might as well do whats right so you don't find yourself in deep shit.


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Hand it in or contact the person if I could. Just the other day this happened to me and as it turns out, my friends all think I'm helpful for my own good. :smile:


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This happened to me.. We stopped at a red light and I looked over at the bus bench and there was a purse sitting there... We took it to the police station and it turned out to be a little old ladys purse with all her socialsecurity money in there.. I felt good because she really needed that money..


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I would hand in a wallet/purse or contact the person if possiable.

A few years ago I was driving home late at night and ended up pulling over in a quite residential area and having a pee in someones bushes outside their house. Then I drove on back home.

A few days later I recived my wallet in the post. Turns out the people whos garden I had a wee in had found my wallet in the road outside their house and they kindly mailed it back to me.

Understandably, I sent them a thank you letter and didnt elaborate on how my wallet managed to appear outside their house. :rolleyes:


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It's great to know there is so much good will and honesty left in the world :) I'm rarely -impressed- by the state of the world lol Out of the people I've asked personally not -one- has said they wouldn't take the money, or even more. Thanks for the hopefully thoughts |- freedom


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Check the wallet/purse for an id and adress and return it there myself without taking anything from it, or trying to call the owner to come get it back .
I can't believe all the people at the police stations or the shops can all be honest enough to return it to the owner. Call me paranoid or whatever, but at least you'll get everything back :)

That's what i'd want people to do if they would find stuff from me.
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