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Their is some evil in the best of us

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Evil is always right, it makes no mistakes. Evil never forgives or realizes other people make errors, it is vindictive. It thinks up sick revenge plots, it loves to play with your mind, it gets pleasure out of pain. Evil thrives on hate and judgment, not caring to understand what a person has been through that has shaped them to be who they are. Evil is controlling, it abuses with no remorse or understanding of their victims point of view or others involved. It psychological manipulates others, often leading misunderstanding people to do cruel things. For example Nazi Germany.

Evil attracts the weak and prioritizes power, violence and control. It is always justified in it's wrongdoings or misdeeds and overlooks them(rationalization/minimization). Evil looks for anything to rationalize it's self involved interests. It doesn't understand others suffering or point of view it only knows or cares about it's own advantaged life and that of those close to them. Evil deceives you and only tells the truth if it serves some purpose to itself. Evil loves to hate, and has a very limited circle of empathy and compassion. It deny's any wrong doing and tries to make itself look like the victim, minimizing it's wrongs if it will even admit them, victim blaming the actual victim. Not caring or even thinking about how their actions have effected others. Lying with little or no conscience, in many cases even't to it's own family.

Evil never realizes people change, it is to set in it's biased point of view, it has much too invested to be wrong. Evil doesn't care about others except those in their own close circle. It looks for reasons to be pissed off it, looks for reasons to hate. It judges from the outside with very little information many times purely based on appearance, it is mean.

Evil is conniving, violent, premeditated as well as unscrupulous and worst of all it is justified because it's foe or enemy is the "evil" one. It loves to lie, it doesn't bother caring, because caring for others only causes pain and takes away from their own self involved interests. Evil befriends you with the intention of deceiving you and stabbing you in the back when you have sincere and genuine motives. Evil is cruel and attracts the weak it convinces itself consciously or subconsciously that by being evil it is actually doing good.

Evil adamantly deny's any wrong doing because usually because their is no "hard proof" and attacking the victim saying their, paranoid, crazy, have trust issues, basically anything they can think of. Often times even claiming to be a victim of harassment or other abuse it's. Just look at the Maury show you see cheaters use that defense all the time. Often times the victimized partner even feels bad or questions their own sanity until the lie detector proves that their partner is in fact a selfish non-empathic cheater. Who is making excuses in hopes of continuing of living it's lie and being able to cheat and play it's caring sincere partner for a fool.

Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.
Evil loves to deceive you, play with your brain and mislead you. For example serial killers who go after prostitutes. These poor street walkers are almost always drug addicts who are after money. The killer lures them with their basic needs. Another example is that of the stereotype of pedophiles luring kids into a van with "candy". I even saw on America's Most Wanted how this ruthless Cartel Gang in Souther Cali would lure victims. At this Coffee shop they got this hot woman to lure this rich guy into this house where they knocked him out and held him for ransom. Many times the victims were murdered.

We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.
-MLK Jr.

Obviously their are varying degrees of evil one who lures prostitutes to kill them isn't even close to the level of someone who cheats and deny's it then attacks their partner judgment or credibility because their is no "hard proof". All evil is not equal. Just because their is a worse evil does not negate the lesser evil.

You do not fight evil with evil. Love is how you overcome evil.

I once heard or read(I forget exactly) that a good judge of man's character is what would you do if you know you wouldn't get caught. Would you kill your worst enemy?

I do not mean to come off as overly negative, however this is the world we live in it can be very cold, cruel, heartless, selfish, etc.

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