therapist calls me a dick ( i guess?)

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    So about a month ago I stopped doing therapy because I said someone was ignoring me. I said she wasn't responding and said that's kind of a bitch move. He said well what's the male version of a bitch? I said a Dick. "Well don't you come across as one to some people" he said makes you feel pretty worthless? What are you thinking? Me: I'm thinking I don't have to put up with this and stormed out.WORST THERAPIST EVER!!! but it gets worse...
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    I'm not sure, but perhaps your therapist was trying to help you see another possibility for why this person you know was ignoring you.
    Alot of the time people who are down or pre-occupied with their own lives ignore other peoples lives for understandable reasons. But when you flat out just look at the action, or in-action in this case, it can appear to be bitch/dickish behavior.
    I don't know if this is what your therapist was trying to get at, but perhaps he was trying to help you to not just focus on just the inital action of your friend, but to see other reasons that could have lead to your friends behavior. Sorta like helping to see the bigger picture, that things aren't always as they appear and to not jump to conclusions so quickly.
    I really don't know, but he purposely did try to get you to relate to your friends situation... probably would have been better to start with "are there ever times when you ignore people because of the situations and things happening in your own life".

    Donno.. that must have been a bit off. Most people would feel extremely offended by such a direct comparison... Not a very good method by your therapist, but then again.. I wasn't there. I just hope that you don't take his comments to heart, they defiantly weren't meant to come across like they did. I suppose he came off as a dick himself when there were better intentions at heart.
    They call that poor practice in most cases :(
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    Having not been there, I imagine there may have been more to the conversation. Without trying to sound mean, a therapist can't always sugar coat everything. It sounds like they were trying to make a point. To the person you feel is being "kind of a bitch," do you feel like you have been nothing but cheering and sweet to them? I think that may have been the therapist's point. Sometimes when we go to the doctor we don't always get to hear everything only that we like. Would it not have proved more prudent and less "dick" to have calmly taken what the therapist said and broken it down to explain whether they were correct or incorrect in their observational suggestion?
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    I was in there for maybe fifteen minutes. And believe me when I say I've had bad therapists. One said that I wasn't serious about committing suicide (despite taking all my meds at once, plus tylenol). One said to my therapist from the hospital that I like skin heads and that I was going to " kill that bitch". Which was not what I said at all. Another didn't really help, only talked about other patients. But the one I hate the most was the one that ignored me everytime I tried to talk with her. Then told me "good luck" at my discharge. Understand the skepticism here???? And no its completely unprofessional to even suggest a patient is a Dick since they aren't here to judge. But I suppose if someone told you that you're a Dick you'd be an even bigger one by not sticking around to analyze????
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    I HATE that - when people who are in a position of trust, who are there to help you - ESPECIALLY professionals - try to turn it all back onto you, it pulls the rug out from underneath. I know, it happened to me, unfortunately in a church - and had the result of perverting my judgement, because I felt I had to agree with his perspective.........DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!! Don't do that...... I wish I could go back to that scene now, and say what I would like to have said had I known back then what I know now!

    They are the ones with the status, the qualifications, the trust of the people.... They are in the position of authority - whatever their feelings about a situation, as they are there to help, their job is to believe you and take your perspective seriously, and to communicate that you are being heard, listened to, and not made to feel you have to agree with their version.