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Therapists go home: anxiety solved

Legate Lanius

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Click-bait aside, I just managed to go from cold-hands level anxiety (haven't eaten breakfast or lunch, so that contributes, but still) to actually feeling relaxed and cracking a couple of smiles remembering some funny stuff. So all I did was put on some depressive suicidal black metal (this could be low-fi, country, or what have you) and force-relaxed by literally "laying back" and closing my eyes. Thought about how the body rejuvenates when in a restful state and such things, sure some work-stuff and thoughts about the future came but they were not anxiety-invoking at large. After about 30 min I was pretty relaxed. Maybe an 8/10 in relaxation.
I find just closing your eyes tend to calm the mind.

It's seems that cutting off the visual stimuli helps
stop the mind from being overstimulated.

And, just crossing the arms in front of the chest
seems to have a strange calming effect too.

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