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Therapy addiction

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It's my birthday tomorrow and my 2 sisters are flying in for the weekend to celebrate. I've been looking forward to this for months.
I see my therapist once a week and really rely on him- counting down the days until my next appointment. I was grateful today that I got to see him.
But now that it's over I have to wait another week until I see himagain and I'm feeling very anxious about the sisters visiting. My therapist and I discussed some raw feelingstoday so maybe it's left over from that. We also discussed not overdoing it with my sisters- I have very low energy levels. I usually overdo it in terms of being the perfect hostess. When I was at my illest(if that's a word!) I didn't care about any visitors, but a slight recovery I'm anxious about their visit and not being a good hostess/overdoing it. Just GD anxious!
Maybe my lookingforward to this visit for so long has also put pressure on it to be good weekend. Too much pressure but all self-inflicted as my sisters are completely chilled out and lovely. My head is digging it's own pit. I nearly don't want them to come now.
I know this isn't life or death, just rambling 32year old. Just had to let it out even if noone responds.
I also worry that I'm addicted to/too reliant on my therapist. I feel like he's the only one I trust and feel relaxed with, able to discuss my most imitate feelings. I don't want to deal with outside 'real' world. Am I the only depressive so dependent on their therapist?


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I think everyone has someone who has 1 person they feel they can share everything with. whether its a relation, friend or therapist. often its not easy to talk to others about the issues so that person becomes very valuable to us.

I guess you cant be the only one who uses their therapist as that one person.
Its logical.


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i am very attached to my therapist...i also count the days til i get to see her...i do MUCH worse without her (sometimes, she cancels cuz she's sick and i went 17 days without seeing her in april, and i think like nearly 3+ weeks once in march)...i'm so dependent...and it scares me cuz i know this is going to end by late july and i either have to start over with someone new or not go to therapy at all (the latter seems more likely)...when i went 17 days without her, by day 9, i was sooooo much more suicidal than i have been in almost a year...

but you're not the only one attached to your therapist...i wish i could be friends with her in real life so i wouldn't have to cut all contact with her at the end of the summer...

and btw, call your sisters and tell them how you feel...i'm sure they will reassure you that it's no big deal... :)


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I was so addicted to my old therapist - and guess I still am - He had to end therapy abruptly and refer me away with only one session... "personal problems" whatever that means.... He said it wasn't anything to do with me..... hurts

He was the only one I have ever trusted fully and he is now gone - 4 months now and there isn't a day I don't think about him or "hear" his voice in my head, or cry about the loss.... He had been my therapist for more than 4 years - twice a week with check in calls during the week - it was too much

There has to be a real relationship - but it is also professional and a business contract..... Talk to your therapist about your feelings so you can process them and understand where the feelings originate - it will help.

Sending hugs and good luck with your sisters visiting! :hug:


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I am not addicted to therapy. In fact, I want out, at least for now. But it's hard for me to stop seeing my psychiatrist who shadows as a pseudo psychologist because she is resistant to breaking off a tie with me, and it's been around four years since we started meeting. There was a time when I couldn't wait to go back to my psychiatrist, and of course I had a much healthier relationship with her those days than I do now. It sounds like you have a solid attachment with your psychologist, and a trust factor that is indispensable. You sound like such a sweet person, and I hope you have a wonderful time with your sisters.

Happy Birthday!! :bday:
You are definitely not alone! I am super attached to my therapist, and always have a hard time leaving after my session because I know it'll be an entire week before I see him once again. I also experience the exact same feelings of not wanting to deal with the real world. My therapist has told me that it's important for me to build a life outside of therapy that I can look forward to. Perhaps that is something you can work on with your therapist?

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I hope you had a great birthday and you're having a wonderful weekend with your sisters, but not overdoing it too much.

I haven't seen my counsellor since 19th April for varying reasons because I was away for a week and then it was all the bank holidays. However, I should have gone back last week, but as usual after a break I find I can't go. I got there, but couldn't go in. No idea why, but it happens every time. I'm meant to have a session tomorrow, but I don't want to go.

Anyway, I digress. I think I am addicted to my counsellor. I feel like he's the only person who remotely understands me, but more importantly, I feel like he's the only person who cares about me. Which is stupid, because of course he doesn't really care, it's his job to appear like he does. I know that, but still feel like it's a true emotion.



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I think counselors and therapists go into the profession because they are caring individuals... sort of like teachers - they care, but it is also their profession - so the care and concern, although real, is limited by the professional boundaries - time and propriety....

That makes it so painful - at least for me - because I have no one else who understands who I am.... the only one I trust - but to him - I am another client he cares about but - I am not so important to him.... one-sided; so I am scared to go - yet feel addicted to going..... helps to talk it out.

Therapist addiction - u r not alone in that!


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Good to hear I'm not alone.
I know what you mean about them being like teachers- caring but appropriately (hence professional). But I guess it's better to be addicted to a therapist who is professional and really helps.
My psychiatrist knows about my psychologist so doesn't try to do talk therapy thankfully.

Weekend was good and sisters lovely, though I did continue to worry and tire. I did remind myself of all your comments over the weekend- thanks for all the good wishes. Slept til 3pm today to recover but trying to think it was worth it.
Thanks again.x
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