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    Well today went well, got offered two apponitments the first in one centre for monday and another for 10th june in my usual place, thats all very well and good but I have this thing called WORK to go to! HOW can they possibly expect me to get two days off with such short notice????? That's not even inculding they're lying to me about stuff, changing my social worker for "no reason" changing appointments, threats with sectioning. One nurse even took the line of "why are you not on medication you should be on something" (been off it all for two months now) like its some kind of control for them to shut me up and keep me submissive

    Decided that I'm giving up on therapy now until they're honest with me, as my last session was completely rubbish, which I took an hour off work to get to, my new SW wanted to know about my family despite the fact it was written down on my notes almost eight times. once I even watched the doctor write it all down names, ages, birthdays, everything, and then congratulated me on taking my medication when I've not been taking anything atall in agreement with my doctors and my previous SW for almost two months now which again, you guessed it, notes :mad::rant:, so phoned them today and told them that I have no more holidays for work anymore (lie,lol), which I guess is technically true as I'm not asking for any more time off. its annoyed me too much the last "full" working week (i.e. monday-friday) I had was months and months ago probably before easter.

    In conclusion, WTB anger managment classes and the ability to hold an alcoholic drink down without going super depressed. :(
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    They actually expect you to take time off work to see you? I thought they are supposed to help you not make you lose money... Some doctors don't understand how important work is and how bad it can look if you miss to many days....

    It's a good thing you lied to them. You should try and reschedule for the weekends or do late visits.

    Therapy in my opinion only works for some people who can handle someone asking the same questions constantly without getting angry or lying. Me I never got any help from any therapists because they don't actually help, most of what they say is their opinion and every therapist thinks differently or follows different rules.

    If rescheduling doesn't work try finding a doctor that meets your needs. Don't let the therapist boss you around.