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    I've been going to therapy for years now, when I'm doing well I go less often, but when things are bad i will up to every week. I changed therapists end of last year because I moved to a different city. I loved my first therapist, she was so easy to talk to. This new therapist I just don't seem to click with as well, I struggle to find things to talk about. My last appointment we used most of the hour cause I had just gone trough a break up and was feeling really anxious. But the 2 appointments before that I used maybe 30 minutes of my hour session, I just didn't have anything to say. So we scheduled it 3 months out, then of course i had a crisis, but was able to see her sooner. I just don't feel like i'm getting much out of therapy at the moment. What are your thoughts on therapy?
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    Hi Loco..

    The link on my signature may help you.Its a counselling forum,there's a few registered counsellors there also,perhaps check it out. :)

    I think that you get out of therapy what you put in.
    If you're having difficulty talking in therapy, try making notes and writing down what you want to say before the sessions.
    If it's a case where you don't feel comfortable with your therapist, perhaps its time to find a different one.

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