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i have had 4 sessions of therapy now, the first 3 were 'getting to know each other' sessions but the last one was very traumatic. so traumatic in fact that im still struggling to pick myself up 4 weeks on. she kinda pressed me to talk about one of my big issues, and although im glad she did because i would have avoided it, it has triggered me and i have not been able to get over it. my problem now is i have my next session on thursday and starting to panic about it making me feel the same way. i know it will get easier but i would never have anticipated feeling the way i did after my last session. my key worker suggested taking a break from it but i dont want to do that now i have started, i dont think i would see it through if i took a break. ive spent 15 yrs avoiding this i need to see it through now so i can move myself forward.


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exactly the thing happened to me...and i too was offered a break from therapy but declined as i didnt think i would go back. i dread each session even if i am detached but i realise its a necessary evil and i argue with myself every week as to whether i go or not, i see it as a form of self harm!

fortunately my sessions are on a fri and so this fri is my last as the following 2 fridays are bank hols, i can deal with that and am glad.

hang on in there, you will find you will go up and down and i know being triggered is dreadful but trust your therapist (i am trying to) that it will get better, the triggering is exactly what they want so that eventually you wont feel so bad. i still wonder why i put myself through it, but i know i cant go on much longer as i am and have told my therapist this is my last chance.

its normal to feel anxious about next session after being triggered, you just explain to your therapist how you felt and feel and hopefully they will go through this with you (mine does). good luck and hope all goes well at next session :cheekkiss

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Hey good for you for going to therapy Triggers you need to talk to the group therapist let know what happens so you can get some skills to deal with them okay soon you will not feel so anxious hugs for you took strength to open up i think you are wise to continue on hugs
self care is important while you are in therapy. i get triggered a lot. tell your therapist what happened, how deeply affected you were by the last session. she can give you some practical ideas on how to cope after your sessions. write 'em all down and give them a go. good luck.
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