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    'I live'

    I live in a world where words shout,
    Back at you with force
    I live in a world where Image screams,
    "I need help!"
    I live in a world where voices differ,
    and a single one is irrelevant

    No one cares if you scream,
    in the middle of a packed room.
    And everyones eyes are on you,
    when you fit into the crowd.

    I live in a world where air strangles,
    and the water is beautiful
    I live in a world where wrong is right,
    and opposites attract.

    I live in a world where answers rule,
    but there are no answers.
    Why do things go wrong?
    But the end is always right?

    What happens to the words I write,
    And freedom of speech?
    Why do I have so many questions
    and not enough answers?

    Why does the world undermine people?
    undermine me?

    'I have one thing'

    I see pretty faces
    no words
    worthless words
    pathetic inferior child
    sticks her big nose in where the sun don't shine
    only to reap the rewards of success and honour
    in times of hatred and deadliness
    where weasels live
    and survive
    in their own
    pathetic weasel child go home to mummy
    a mothers love kills those who need it
    take it AWAY
    take from the rich
    and donate
    to ME
    this truth drives me into madness
    i know i can stop the pain if i will it all
    but i have no will
    stolen by love
    taken by the sun
    put out of reach
    where time stands still
    where you have
    the chance to
    and leave my world
    crawl in the ashes of success
    blinded by the smoke
    for you will never feel
    hatred set you free
    IS SO
    don't cry to me
    for your eyes
    fill mine
    with fear
    and your
    tears feed me
    giving me silent messages to turn down my
    life, only to be disappointed
    because you underestimate my strength
    you will never
    i have me
    i have made up
    your mind

    'Harriet' - Named after a doll I received from my Nan when I was a child. I wrote this through the dolls eyes.

    All of my friends from long ago,
    are tucked away in their own little homes,
    I'm always cold, a chill in the air,
    I see what they don't
    I hear what they ignore.
    Yes, I'm comfortable, yes I'm well,
    but I'm alone, on my own.
    Friends, What are they?
    I have but one.
    She is very much bigger then me, she suffocates me often,
    she hurts me sometimes.
    She never listens to my sore voice, she only speaks.
    She tells me of her day,
    of her pain,
    of her fury.
    She tells me of those who hate her
    of those who love her
    of those she loves.
    I see her harm herself,
    this makes me sad, for all those times we were best friends
    And now I'm just a memory.
    I still here all day just thinking
    thinking on my own,waiting for the dark to fall, for her misery to behold me.
    For her blood to run onto my old dirty dress
    for her tears to fall into my tangled hair.
    I'm waiting for the day she tells me she loves me like she used to.
    I'm waiting for the young girl she used to be.
    when she would hold me in her arms, with a true smile on her face.
    and she would wrap me in a blanket and place me in my bed.
    When she truly wanted me.
    I love you my friend, I'm never far away,
    I'm still here, in the corner of your bed,
    still lying here, still holding your most deep secrets.
    You only changed yourself.
    You are still loved, I'm your only true family left,
    I still love you like the young child you used to be.
    I'll never forget


    Water born under fire.
    A misled existance.
    A misguided life.

    A ritual of mourning.

    A knife as sharp as a chop stick.
    A life on the middle prong of a fork.
    A wrong made right by excuses.

    Bottle fed lies.
    Breast fed nourishment.
    Dead brain cells, A star grades.

    Walking on a shattered pavement.
    Minding the cracks.
    Missing every one.

    Companions forgotten.
    As fast as can be.
    Can it be madness?


    There will be a time,
    (There is always time)
    When life is gone,
    (There is always life)
    And you wont exist,
    (There is always existance)
    In my mind.

    When you go away,
    (Don't come back)
    I wont miss you,
    (Don't try me)
    Because you hurt me,
    (Don't deny it)
    and I don't love you.

    Can't you change?
    (Please Change)
    I'm pleading with you,
    (Please listen)
    To be a different man,
    (Please, for me)
    Is that too much?

    Now I've decided
    (I've decided)
    I am to change,
    (I've decided)
    I'm progressing without you,
    (I've decided)
    Because you are stuck in time.

    You had the opportunity,
    I gave you plenty,
    You dismayed, mislayed, and played each one
    To my advantage.

    'Tighten my reins.'

    Tighten my reins
    pull me in closer
    to pus me away again.
    the tighter I'm held
    the further I fall
    Aren't you supposed to care?
    Attention seeking
    dead threatening.
    The more you 'love' me
    the more I hate you.
    You do not love in the right way.
    You just don't care anymore.
    All that fucking bubblewrap
    has rotten me
    sweetness has decayed me.
    Jealousy has made me.
    Treat. Her. Differently.
    Just because I dress this way.
    Let her go
    with her teen pregnancy
    drag me up deprived.
    You grew me this way.
    You made me behave,
    you forced me.
    Say it loud,
    I wear black and I'm proud
    wearing skin so pale.
    I appear dead,
    to separate myself
    from your false existance.

    'Dedicated to a friend'

    You hear my words,
    You seek my light,
    You find my friendship,
    You feel my plight.
    You know my feelings,
    You know I care,
    You know in bad times,
    I'm always there.

    'Dear Daddy'

    I hope the pain is eating you up from the inside.

    I hope the alcohol delays the ache.

    I hope the truth will hit you hard.

    I hope in the dark you lie awake.

    I hope you live for a very long time.

    To give you space to wallow

    To give you a soul to pity

    To give you pills to swallow.
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