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There goes any understanding

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After the first attempt you lose any chance of any understanding or empathy from others. I get stressed at school or make a snappy comment and all I get is that look of "here we go again", it just makes you numb & more likely to hold everything in. I may have lost it at one point, but I am human & I do have the ability to feel. I will get stressed when the work gets piled on or my group partner leaves me to do all the work. I will get little sleep & have stress from home problems. Everybody has these problems but because of a label you lose it all. No shoulder to cry on or anyone to help you stand up again. So you fake it & put that lie of a smile on your face. Yeah sure at times it's real but other times you want to spare any doubt cast upon you & just say "No forget it everything is fine" or "No, sorry I was lazy & fell behind". Reasonable excuses dont work anymore. So just forget it, everything is peachy-keen...NOT
Practice your responses on me,I know exactly what you mean. :)

And I'm sure a lot of other people here do as well. :)

Give these face makers your honesty,do they not feel they deserve it?

Use us a sounding board for what you really want to say and we will give you the responses of reasonable people.
No passive aggression. :)
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