There is NO help; doctors don't give a fuck

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  1. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    If there were, it would be free. No one genuinely wants to give a damn about anyone. If you are a psychologist or therapist, whatever kind of fucking doctor you wanna call yourself, if you're charging people to help them, then you're a shitty doctor, worst doctor in the world, and you can go fuck yourself and go fuck your mother. Now I'm gonna go die now and write "fuck you, doc" with my blood. Fuck you. Fuck you. FUCK you. I hope you go to Yellowstone and the supervolcano blows up on you and your kids. I hope your kids grow up to be basket cases all of them, and no one is there will be there to help their poor ugly asses.

    You're a lame ass doctor. Worst doctor in the world, and you don't help anyone but your wallet. Fuck your wallet. Fuck your face. Go fuck yourself. I hope you go jump out of an airplane using your degree as a parachute you fuck.

    Fuck you fuck FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU

    This is for all my people who have been killed because YOU wouldn't help them FOR FREE. Here. Go take this bridge, and go jump off it. Because you're USELESS.
  2. Oceans

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    I can understand your angry. This world makes us feel helpless and alone. No one to help when help is needed. I know the vicious cycle where we need money to access services but we have to have a job to fund it. Then to have a job we have to be mentally able to get out of bed and go to work regularly. How can we go to work when we need help? I do understand your predicament. I wish there is a answer that would allow mental health professionals to help without having to cashed-up.

    Is there any community mental health services in your area that you can access for free?
  3. molotov

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    Normally I tend to err on the side of "defeatist self-blaming cowardly pacifist" rather than "vengeful goddess of righteous justice" but i saw the sentence "after trying unsuccessfully to get help for over 8 hours she ended up od'ing" in a post here and it made me want to kill everyone at the hospital in question.

    ARE there free mental health clinics in the US? i'm american but i live in deutschland and finally managed to claw my way into the public health care system... it's not free but it's shocking how much cheaper it is. if obama really does take the public option off the table because the senate thinks their grandmas are going to get sent to death panels or something, i hope someone burns the fucking capitol building to the ground.
  4. DS

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    molotov...i have a number of incidents i could relate to you. hmmm more like horror stories. some end with death.


    Personally, I would never subject myself to this system.
  5. Mikeintx

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    Doctors do a lot of pro-bono work, it's called medicare ;)
  6. hey dood hope you feeling a bit better by now? full respect for your anger.

    [QUOTE Now I'm gonna go die now and write "fuck you, doc" with my blood. Fuck you. Fuck you. FUCK you. [/QUOTE]

    don't you DARE go dying just for this - you KNOW they're just not worth it xx
  7. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    Medicare? I'm not eligible. Next...

    Why is there a popular sentiment that everyone is automatically eligible for Medicaid/care? You have to meet specific criteria to qualify to receive free healthcare in this country.
  8. TWF

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    Well, it's only their job. And yeah, some don't care but that doesn't mean they won't try to help you, and they might come to care once they get to know you. It's up to you to tell good doctor from bad, and remember, they charge for a legit reason, plus you're a stranger to them.
  9. Mikeintx

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    I did not mean you were eligible, I just meant that doctors do a ton of work for next to nothing already(well the one that accept medicare/medicaid).
  10. Ignored

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    You're blaming the drs when the problem is with the system, and it's a system that Americans vote for. Canvas your politicians if you think this is unfair. It's amazing how many of your fellow citizens are outraged by Obama's attempts to get healthcare for all. In the meantime, drs have to eat too.
  11. Avarice

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    You shouldn't lump all doctors into the same category just because of some horror stories you've heard of or due to your own experiences. I've no doubt whatsoever that there are some doctors out there who do care and in some countries, perhaps not yours, they do offer up their services for free. This being said though, they do still have to pay their rent/mortgages and buy food to live on.. It's all good and well saying they should offer their services for free, but when they're eventually homeless & starving to death then there isn't exactly anything more for them to offer.
  12. tiggersafire

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    Healthcare is free in Canada... As far as I know. I go to a child psychiatrist and a child psychologist. They're both very nice and they try to help as much as they can. As far as I know all the help they provide to me is covered under Ohip.
  13. Abacus21

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    Healthcare's free in the UK for all too. While the NHS is, at times, abused and is slowly creaking under the strain of folks coming in for all manner of pathetic ailments (being drunk is the usual cause on a weekend night), it is the UK's flagship. Look at the outrage that was caused by a UK MEP criticising the NHS - Americans jumped on the bandwagon and all hell broke loose, with news stories being published over here (the UK) like nobody's business.

    I'm not sure what the issue is with free healthcare - here, GPs (doctors), nurses, paramedics and all other manner of medical professionals are still paid relatively well (GPs salaries are around the £50,000 + mark - the nurses not so), yet they still do a great job given the circumstances. Indeed, my GP is fantastic when I have had problems - very approachable, friendly and genuinely caring about her patients.

    To the OP, I'd go with what the others say - one doctor / a group of doctors behaving poorly does not equate to the whole of the US medical profession being the same.